Exclusive 6 Days Clip: Jamie Bell Analyzes His Targets

Jamie Bell in 6 Days

Jamie Bell prepares for a dangerous hostage rescue in a new exclusive clip from the new tense, espionage thriller, 6 Days. Based on a true story and adapted by Glenn Standring, the film unfolds over a six-day time frame when, in 1980, six heavily-armed gunmen invaded the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate, London, and proceeded to take 26 innocent people hostage. Attempting to tell the story from as many different perspectives as possible, 6 Days not only follows the gunmen who took the hostages, but also the negotiators, police, politicians and the highest military officials who did their best to try and respond to the situation in the best way possible.

In case that premise wasn't enough to pique interest, the film boasts an impressive cast for itself, including Jamie Bell (Snowpiercer) as Rusty, Mark Strong (Kingsman) as Max, and Abbie Cornish (Limitless) as Kate, all of whom have their own specific roles to play in handling the hostage situation as quickly as they can. And as the film industry continues into its final days of the summer blockbuster season, 6 Days has the potential to be one of this year's pre-awards season standouts.

In anticipation of the film's theatrical release tomorrow as well, you can check out Screen Rant's new exclusive clip from 6 Days for yourself in the space above. Quiet and tense, the clip - which runs just over a minute long - does a good job at teasing three of the different perspectives that the film's story is told from.

Jamie Bell in 6 Days

What makes the central premise and hostage situation of 6 Days so interesting - aside from its obvious, espionage elements - is how the film's unique time period adds to its overall tension. Since it takes place in 1980, it's during that moment in time when the general public is getting to see these kinds of situations starting to be covered by the news in real time, which only makes the jobs of the military and government officials involved that much harder to do, with the eyes of the world watching their every move.

The film is also the first feature outing by director Toa Fraser since 2014's The Dead Lands, with the filmmaker having directed multiple episodes of Penny Dreadful, The Shannara Chronicles, and Into the Badlands in that interim period. And as TV becomes more and more cinematic, it'll be interesting to see how his filmmaking techniques have evolved and changed since his earlier projects. So while these kinds of based-on-a-true-story military operations can sometimes be difficult to translate adequately on film, 6 Days has more than enough going in its favor at this point, and could very well prove to be one of this Fall's unexpected, sleeper hits.

6 Days will be released in theaters tomorrow, August 18th.

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