Exciting New Stargate Universe Trailer

For the Stargate fans out there dying to have an ongoing series back on the air to watch, hold on just one more month!

Until then, to help you get your Stargate fix, we have the brand new trailer for the upcoming Stargate Universe series. This one is something you definitely need to see and I think it'll help bring in fans of old and new to the long-running sci-fi franchise.

Check it out after the jump...

Stargate Universe (SGU) is about a team, who through the new discovery of the purpose of the "ninth cheveron" on the Stargate device, end up travelling across the known universe onto a ship of the Ancients. The ship is named Destiny and she was constructed millions of years prior by the infamous Ancients with the purpose of planting Stargates many different galaxies. Our protagonists are trapped on this ship and unable to take over its controls, and we follow them on their new journey encountering new locations, new species, new cool tech and of course, new bad guys.

Now, watch the trailer and see what you think:

Thanks to this trailer, for the first time, I'm genuinely very excited to see this show. Prior to this point, the stellar cast members had me sold on giving the new series a shot but this trailer has me anticipating the show's premiere more than ever.

Last year, when we were first hearing the major info on this new series in development, Stargate masterminds Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright emphasized the idea of doing something new and fresh, not re-hashing what had been done for a long time before. David Howe, president of the then-called Sci Fi channel also had this to say:

"This is an opportunity to reinvent this franchise and make it relevant to a new generation... We really don't want to be more of the same. It's going to build clearly off the existing franchise but with a cast that gives it a younger vibe."

Some of the scenes from this trailer looked amazing and the production quality was so much better than from what we saw in the prior SGU trailer from back in April. It looks to me like SGU may be the perfect show to restart the franchise, capture a new audience, and appease the Stargate veterans.

I'm excited to see actor Robert Carlyle on a regular basis along with the rest of the impressive cast. We can also expect some nice cameos from our favorite characters of old.

Do you dig the new trailer? Can this show top SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis?

Stargate Universe airs its premiere October 2, 2009 on the SyFy channel.

Source: Phoenix Rising, SyFy

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