If You're Not Excited About 'Watchmen,' You're Dead Inside

There, I said it. I'm calling you out.

WHY are fanboys so passionate about Watchmen? Well first, they've read the graphic novel, named by Time Magazine as one of the hundred greatest novels of the 20th century. Second, they recognize awesome movie footage when they see it.

And here is some new footage of the movie for you right now. was given a new featurette to share with the world and we've embedded it for you below. It's four minutes of director Zack Snyder describing the film and it includes a TON of never before seen footage (even at Comic-Con this past July).

If I end up being wrong about Watchmen, I'll admit it - but EVERYTHING I've seen regarding this film tells me that it will be a home run as far as being an awesome spectacle of a film not only visually, but plot and character-wise as well.

Big time.

Call it The Dark Knight of 2009.

Judge for yourself:

Will it connect with mainstream audiences? That I won't predict - but Zack Snyder's R-rated 300 did pretty damned well ($456MM worldwide), and most people hadn't heard of that, either. And you may recall a little film called Iron Man that opened this year and made a half a billion dollars. Prior to the movie, the man on the street didn't have much of an idea who THAT character was.

If Fox and Warner Bros. can come to an agreement, Watchmen will hammer your senses in theaters and in IMAX on March 6th, 2009.

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