Ex-Star Trek Production Designer Talks Trek XI

Herman Zimmerman, who has been the production designer for the Star Trek franchise for a REALLY long time will NOT be the production designer for Star Trek XI.

As has been reported, the upcoming Star Trek movie being helmed by J.J. Abrams is going to be kind of a reboot for the venerable series, so it makes sense that they'll be bringing in someone new for the production design of the film.

Zimmerman says:

"His [Abrams] charge from Paramount management is to come up with a new direction for the Star Trek franchise. Coming up with an idea that sits under the vision of Gene Roddenberry, a positive vision of human kinds future is still something that has to fit into the envelope of what is happening in today’s society and today’s science. It is entirely appropriate at this time and probably necessary that the franchise get a new kick in the butt."

Normally I'm pretty cynical, but for some reason in regards to this fresh take on Star Trek I'm optimistic and I'll be keeping an open mind. I agree with Zimmerman that the franchise needs a "kick in the butt" (desperately!) and I hope that Abrams and crew kick it in the right direction.

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