SR Geek Picks: Prof. X Fires Storm, 'Noah' + '2012' Trailer Mashup & More


Dredd With Puppets

Watch as Erik Beck recreates a major gun fight from Dredd using puppets, plastic tubing, and some fake blood, and then see how his version compares to the original, in this episode of DIY Effects, only on EPIX.


Bowser and His Minions


Best Santa Fails Ever Compilation

The best Santa falls and fails of all time.


A Christmas Story In Real Life - Movies In Real Life (Episode 10)

For our latest mission, we recreated the famous "triple dog dare" scene from A Christmas Story on an NYC subway car. Instead of licking a flagpole, our character licked a subway pole. Using a prosthetic tongue with a magnet inside, we were able to get his tongue to appear stuck to the pole, much to the surprise of New Yorkers on the train.

Full Story.



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