The Evolution of Movie Stunts Showcased in New Video

The Evolution of Stunts video

Right now, it seems like the major technological discussions in the entertainment industry primarily revolve around presentation. Whether it be the debate between film vs digital, or the tries at presenting a new movie in a higher frame rate, rather than the traditional 24fps, that both Peter Jackson's The Hobbit movie trilogy and Ang Lee's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk have used in recent years. With CGI effects looking better than they ever have before, and just being continuously upgraded every year, it seems like the conversation has changed more and more from what a film looks like, to how we're being shown it.

One of the more remarkable aspects of going back and watching films from decades ago, to even more recent titles from the 21st Century though, is how easily you're able to see the more practical stunts and effects in films being gradually fine-tuned into the cutting-edge techniques they're being done with nowadays.

A brand new video from All 4 highlights just that evolution throughout the years as well, with high-profile stuntman Damien Walters running on a track and paying homage to a number of well-known techniques used to pull off some of the more iconic movie stunts in history. For true cinema lovers out there, there's more than a few direct homages included too.

The Evolution of Stunts video

With the quick callbacks to groundbreaking films like The Matrix, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, North by Northwest, and more, this video is like a film fanatic's dream. Walters and the team at All 4 manage to showcase the overall transition and evolution of film stunts over the years in an informative and legitimately stylized way here. With Walters running on the same track for all of the video, it's not only the perfect showreel for Walters as a stunt man, but also a fun love letter to the continual evolution of cinema.

Coincidentally enough, Walters' name has been popping up more and more in the stunt world recently as well. Just recently even, Walters' helped to break a free fall record while performing the Leap of Faith stunt in the Assassin's Creed movie, which involved him falling from an extremely high height onto a landing pad to help pull off one of the film's most daring action sequences. With it becoming easier and easier for those kinds of stunts to be pulled off, and safer for the stuntmen involved too, it will be interesting to see just how far the limits of practical stunts and action sequences are pushed in the coming years.

Source: All 4

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