The 10 Grooviest Quotes From Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead Trilogy

The 1980s had some highly-praised horror films, one of which was Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. The film was released in 1981. The film is notorious for its excess gore, which was all done with practical effects. Being friends with Sam and Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell was chosen for the role of Ash Williams, which has since become the most famous role of his career.

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Ash returned in 1987 for Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, the sequel Army of Darkness in 1992, as well as the TV show Ash vs. Evil Dead in 2015. Throughout Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy, Ash became more humorous and arrogant, resulting in some memorable lines. Here are The 10 Grooviest Quotes From Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead Trilogy.

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Bruce Cambell as Ash Williams in Evil Dead
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Bruce Cambell as Ash Williams in Evil Dead

Evil Dead II is one of the good examples of how to mix comedy and horror, which is why most of his famous lines come from Dead by Dawn and Army of Darkness. However, one of Ash’s few one-liners in the original Evil Dead is “Yeah, truly amazing”.

The line comes when Shelly and Linda are trying to guess the cards that the other person is holding. After Linda guesses incorrectly, Shelly lies and says she is right. She excitedly tells Ash that she guessed correctly, but he is trying to focus on the recording they found in the basement, so Ash simply responds, “Yeah, truly amazing”.


Henrietta Knowby was a character first introduced in Evil Dead 2. She was the wife of Professor Raymond Knowby, who discovered the Necronomicon. The deadite version of Henrietta was a grotesque overweight demon, played by Ted Raimi.

After Henrietta turns into her fourth form, she grows a long neck, which makes it easier for Ash to cut with his chainsaw arm. As the head is flopping on the ground saying, “I’ll swallow your soul,” Ash takes his shotgun, points it at Henrietta and says, “Swallow this.” The head then explodes in a gory and typical Evil Dead fashion.


Bruce Campbell as Ash in Evil Dead 2

Near the beginning of Evil Dead 2, Ash tries to leave the cabin only to discover that the bridge to safety has been destroyed. Ash heads back to the cabin where he finds that Linda’s head has come back to life. Linda bites his hand and won’t let go, so Ash takes her out to the shed and puts her head in a vice.

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The deadite continues to torment Ash by saying that they have Linda’s soul and that she is suffering. Ash then says, “You’re goin’ down” before reaching for a chainsaw. Unfortunately, the chainsaw isn’t where he thought it was, so he has to fight Linda’s decapitated body to get it back.


Ash in Army of Darkness

As if Ash didn’t have a hard enough time in the first two Evil Dead movies, things get even worse for him when he gets stuck in the year 1300 AD. At the end of Evil Dead 2, Ash gets sucked into a vortex which lands him in the Middle Ages and fights hordes of deadites to get back to the present day.

Upon arriving in 1300 AD, a knight challenges Ash to a sword fight. Ash simply shoots his shotgun at his sword, which cuts it in half and scares everyone since guns hadn’t been invented yet. Ash then says, “Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up! See this? This… is my boomstick!”

6 “YO… SHE B****… LET’S GO”

Bruce Campbell and Embeth Davidtz as Ash and Shiela in Army of Darkness.jpeg

Initially, Ash wants nothing to do with helping the people in 1300 AD defeat the army of the undead. All he wanted to do was go back to the present day and live his life, but he becomes romantically involved with a woman named Sheila (played by Embeth Davidtz).

Before Ash goes on his journey to find the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, he visits with the Wise Man, but during their meeting, a woman turns into a deadite and threatens Ash. Ash has no trouble killing the deadite with his boomstick, but before he does so, he says, “Yo… She-B****… Let’s go”.


Army of Darkness

Before the people in 1300 AD find out that Ash is their savior, they imprison him and nearly kill him. After binding Ash in a pillory, they lead him to a pit, where they eventually throw him in to fight against a deadite. Before that though, he talks with a fellow prisoner; Henry the Red.

After Henry explains that he is lord of the Northlands and the leader of its citizens, Ash responds sarcastically by saying, “Well hello Mr. Fancy Pants. I got news for you pal, you ain’t leadin’ but two things right now; Jack and s***, and Jack left town.”


Bruce Campbell and Embeth Davidtz as Ash Williams and Shiela in Army of Darkness

After having to kill all of his friends in a cabin in the woods, Ash is no doubt fed up with all of the deadites’ non-sense. Ash is significantly smarter than the people from 1300 AD, simply because he’s experienced several things that hadn’t even been invented yet. This causes Ash to have little patience with the people who need his help, constantly calling them primitives.

When Sheila comes to give Ash a cloak she made before he ventures off, he insults her, which results in him getting slapped in the face. Ash runs after Sheila before she leaves his quarters, holds her close and smoothly says, “Gimme some sugar baby”.


Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in Army of Darkness

Once Ash defeats the pit b****, he climbs out and is challenged by a knight. Ash effortlessly defeats the knight that provoked him by shooting his sword, breaking it in half. With the people unaware of what guns are, he calls it his “boomstick” before going into a long drawn out speech describing the weapon.

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Ash explains, “It's a twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington, S-Mart's top-of-the-line. You can find this in the sporting goods department. That's right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about $109.95. It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair-trigger.He ends his monologue by saying,That's right. Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart.” and screaming, “YA GOT THAT!?”


Bruce Campbell as Ash in Army of Darkness


Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy almost ended very differently than what made it into the theatrical cut. Originally, Ash was going to end up in a post-apocalyptic future after drinking too much of the potion used to return to the present day.

Instead, they had Ash miss a word in the phrase he had to say to get back to his own time, resulting in a deadite attacking S-Mart. Ash heroically takes out the deadite using a shotgun from the Sporting Goods department, before sharing a passionate kiss with a woman he had been talking to before the attack.


Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in Evil Dead 2

No list of Evil Dead quotes would be complete without mentioning, “Groovy”. The iconic line was first muttered by Ash in Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. The character builds a modification for a chainsaw, allowing him to attach it where his hand used to be.

Ash then cuts the barrel off of his shotgun before dramatically saying, “Groovy”. The one word one-liner is probably the most well-known quote from the Evil Dead series and was repeated in Army of Darkness and the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell even returned in a post-credits scene for Fede Alvarez’ Evil Dead remake to say his iconic line.

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