Lily Collins Cast as Drug Addict in 'Evil Dead' Remake

Like a giant, flaming meteor in the night, the Evil Dead remake is hurtling toward us – or, rather, toward production – at a fairly rapid rate. The director, Fede Alvarez, has been chosen. The screenplay, by Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues (with revisions by Diablo Cody), is finished. And now, the first major player has been cast.

According to Bloody Disgusting,  Lily Collins (Mirror, Mirror) has been tapped for the role of Mia, the drug addict and impetus for why a bunch of college kids decide to go to a creepy cabin in the woods in this 2013 remake.

Lily Collins’ star has been steadily rising since she was cast as “the daughter” in 2008’s Oscar-winning The Blind Side. Since then, she co-starred in last year’s abysmally-reviewed Priest alongside Paul Bettany (once again as “the daughter”), and she plays Snow White in the upcoming Mirror, Mirror by Tarsem Singh.

In Evil Dead, she’ll play Mia, who, as previously stated, is a drug addict and the reason all her friends decide to go to the creepiest cabin in the creepiest woods in the history of time for rest, relaxation, and detoxification.

Unfortunately, because Mia’s suffering withdrawal from a yet-unamed narcotic, her friends don’t realize that her visions of homicidal trees and “coyote dogs” (?) are, in fact, a reality. Fools!

The other characters in this remake include: David (Mia's brother, a mechanic), Natalie (his fiancé), Olivia (Mia’s best friend and nurse), and Eric (who presumably unleashes the Evil Dead from the Necronomicon).

It’s utterly unclear at this point as to who the protagonist is supposed to be in all of this - if indeed there is one. We know that a character whose name is Ash will not be appearing in the film (though Bruce Campbell may cameo in some capacity), but that doesn’t mean there won’t be an “Ash-esque” character in his stead.

Still, I wouldn’t count on it. It seems that the film is trying to capture the horror of the original as opposed to the creativity/hilarity of the subsequent sequels, even with the typically sarcastic Diablo Cody on script-doctor duties.

While my own loathing of remakes runs deep, I’m more interested in seeing how this one turns out than I was with seeing The Thing pre-make (prequel/remake hybride). At the very least, the drug subplot could spice things up a bit.


Evil Dead is due out sometime in 2013


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The Evil Dead remake is aiming for an April 12, 2013 release. What a lovely way to belatedly celebrate Easter!

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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