Bruce Campbell Endorses 'Evil Dead' Remake

Bruce Campbell Only Going to Cameo in Evil Dead Remake

Sometimes it's hard to get behind remakes, especially when the film being remade is a cult-classic like Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead. That's why its so reassuring to hear Evil Dead star (and fanboy icon) Bruce Campbell give the film his blessing.

There are already a few things working in the Evil Dead remake's favor, including an intriguing young director in Fede Alvarez, a fresh script with tweaks by Diablo Cody, and a cameo from Bruce Campbell himself. During a special cast reunion panel at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Convention, Campbell shared some more reasons why fans should be excited for the remake.

At the panel, Campbell joked that the Evil Dead remake was a "parting gift" to investors, who had been waiting on some type of new installment in the franchise for years. Campbell said they wanted to make a film that, "wasn't shot in 16MM, where you can't see the garden hoses spewing the blood."  Campbell then went on to describe the film as being a more "sophisticated" version of the Evil Dead story.

Campbell also offered some praise for the film's director and the new approach, as well as some deprecating humor about the low-budget quality of the first film.

"We will be heavily involved in it. Sam Raimi hand-picked Fede Alvarez to direct it... It's not like we're just tossing this thing out and farting out a sequel. It'll be kind of a hand-made movie with a young filmmaker who is more experienced than we were when we made the first one, who will be casting more experienced actors than we had, so I don't see how it could be any worse."

Fans of The Evil Dead will argue that the movie's unintentional cheesiness and over-the-top violence is one of the things that makes it so beloved. However, Bruce Campbell does bring up some good points about the amateurish nature of the original film.

Bottom line: The Evil Dead was made 30 years ago by first-time filmmakers on a shoestring budget. The fact that it's stood the test of time says a lot about the film, but maybe there's room for something new.

Evil Dead Remake to be Straight Horror Flick

As Screen Rant's head honcho Vic Holtreman wrote back in 2007, there are five rules for movie remakes. Number four on that list is, "the remake does in fact bring something new while respecting the original." With Alvarez on board, along with a new cast and a script aimed at pure horror, the Evil Dead will certainly bring something new to the table. Whether Alvarez and his cast can deliver a movie that isn't just another "cabin in the woods" thriller is another matter entirely, but it's worth giving them a chance.

What do you think? Do Bruce Campbell's assurances make you excited for an Evil Dead remake, or are you still unsure?

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