'Evil Dead' Remake Still Alive?

According to Sam Raimi's long-time producer, Robert Tapert, the 'Evil Dead' remake is not dead at all, and they're actually looking at a screenplay this month.

Evil Dead and its sequels are the stuff of cult film legend. For years, die-hard fans have been yearning and begging for an Evil Dead 4 directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell as Ashley J. Williams, but as the years roll on, it just seems more and more unlikely.

Then of course, there’s the remake. A few years ago, an Evil Dead remake – possibly starring Seann William Scott as Ash – was being prepped by Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures. After a while, the project disappeared off the radar and was thought to be dead altogether. That is, until now.

Producer Robert Tapert, who has worked with Sam Raimi on just about every movie he has ever made, recently talked about the possibility of bringing the Evil Dead remake to the big-screen.

“[An Evil Dead remaking is still] possible; we’re looking at a script this month… What’s interesting about Evil Dead is very few people saw it in the format we made it for, which is for the theater […] I think Sam wants to embrace the ultimate experience in grueling terror and see it remade for a proper theatrical experience.”

I’m sorry, but couldn’t they just re-release Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and heck, even Army of Darkness in movie theaters? Wouldn’t that actually get people to watch the genuine article in theaters, as opposed to its shoddy, second-hand knockoff?

Evil Dead Remake Still Alive According to Robert Tapert

Evil Dead, like so many cult films, is a filmic phenomenon that cannot be reproduced. Are they going to try to capture the weirdness of it? The ridiculousness? The camp? If yes, then why even remake it at all? Or are they going to turn up the realism, turn up the horror and the production values, and make Evil Dead into something that it’s not? I just have no interest whatsoever in watching a standard gritty horror flick with Evil Dead’s name stamped across the header and shakycam like nobody’s business – unless Raimi himself is directing it, in which case I would begrudgingly give it a chance.

It probably goes without saying, but I’d much prefer to see an Evil Dead 4 set in the post-apocalyptic, deadite-ridden future. Sans 3D. Or perhaps with it. I suppose I would settle for with it, if I had to.

Source: Freep [via Slashfilm]

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