Evil Dead: How to Make Ash's Chainsaw Hand

Aside from having what is quite possibly the highest number of cult films out of any other genre, horror movies have also supplied fans with an abundance of easily recognizable villains over the years. Freddy Krueger has his trademark razor blade tipped glove; Jason Vorhees has his machete and the shark in Jaws has his, well, jaws. But horror’s villains aren’t the only ones recognized by their weapons – sometimes the heroes and anti-heroes of these stories are as well.

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise has given audiences numerous memorable moments since its arrival in 1981, but one of its greatest achievements was the creation of Ashley ‘Ash’ J. Williams. A gruff, often crass party animal who isn’t afraid to jump in head first in the ongoing battle against the undead, Ash just isn’t quite Ash without his custom made chainsaw hand. Built by the man himself after he was forced to cut his own possessed hand off in Evil Dead II, the chainsaw hand is a weapon unlike any other in cinema and instantly recognizable to millions.

Now with Halloween just around the corner, YouTube channel AWE me has supplied a great DIY instructional video on how to create your very own Ash chainsaw hand. This is of course only a prop and does not actually function as a chainsaw, but that’s probably for the best - we can’t all be Ash, after all. The video is quite in depth in its step-by-step analysis of what exactly it takes to build this distinct prop and you can check out the entire process in the above video.

This is definitely a project that will take time – power tools are required, so anyone who is interested in taking its construction on should know that it isn’t just a matter of gluing some pieces of cardboard together. There is also the issue of the cost. AWE me lists the average cost of building this prop at anywhere between $80-$100 which means that if you’re trying to come up with a cheap costume for Halloween, this might not be your best option. However, judging by the finished product in the video, that $80-$100 will provide you with something that will last well beyond Halloween and come in handy (no pun intended) for future conventions you might be planning on attending.

Of course, this is all being done by a professional and the quick cuts involved in the video probably makes everything look a lot easier than it actually is. That’s not to say that anyone couldn’t do it – just that it’s worth keeping in mind that the estimated price for this undertaking doesn’t take into consideration mistakes that could be made and which would require more money in order to rectify. If you’re going to take this challenge on, be prepared for the possibility that the $80-$100 price tag could easily balloon beyond its initial estimate.

The video ends with its host, Odin Abbott, encouraging viewers to send in photos of their chainsaws hands should they decide to build one. It’s pretty cool to think of all the people out there who will be getting into The Evil Dead spirit with this prop, and with the ongoing success of Starz’ Ash vs Evil Dead series, this Halloween could see a larger number than ever of Ash clones, now perfectly outfitted with their very own realistic looking chainsaw hands. Groovy!

Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 airs Sundays at 8pm on Starz.

Source: AWE me

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