SR Geek Picks: Everything Wrong with 'Thor,' 'Man at Arms' Mjölnir, 'Star Wars' Derp Trailer, & More!


Star Wars Trailer: Derp Edition

A new commercial for Star Wars, made from the recently revealed blooper reel.

Original Blooper Reel


Studio C - Darth Mortgage

The Emperor has to get his money from somewhere.


GTA 5 UFO Conspiracy

A UFO CONSPIRACY has rocked the landscape of GTA5 and John Doe has launched a MASSIVE investigation to uncover who is behind this sinister plot. Aliens? The government? Is the CIA's mind control unit - MKUltra - back and controlling your gaming system? And in turn, YOUR MIND?


I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2013

Once again Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to pull a massive prank on their kids and pretend they ate all of their Halloween candy. Here are the results of this year's Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge.-

Glove and Boots - All Together Now


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