Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find a Real World This Is The End version; an 8-bit Star Trek in 90 seconds; Iron Man 3/Man of Steel Parody Review; and Conan reviews the latest DC Universe video game. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, Buzzfeed has 15 Reasons Game Of Thrones Is Basically About Your Dad.

CollegeHumor has 5 Modern Problems Even Superman Can’t Defeat.

If you have any Geek Picks of your own, please send them to srgeekpicks(at)gmail(dot)com and you may be featured on a future post!

The Real World: This Is The End Edition

The This Is The End cast gets cabin fever with Real World: Portland roommates Averey-Lee Jane and Joi Niemeyer, while the world unravels outside their apartment.

Everything Wrong With Superman The Movie In 5 Minutes Or Less

After listing the sins of Superman Returns last week, we thought it only fair to go back in time several decades and point the sin counter at one of the most beloved of all superhero movies: Superman The Movie. The year, 1978. The star, Christopher Reeve. The sins… not as plentiful.

Teen of Steel

Clark’s “friend” has noticed some really weird changes with his body recently.

Skyrim At The Movies: Superman (Man Of Steel) – TYRANNICON

From Tyrannicon, the animators of COPS: Skyrim, Throthgar, and Skyrim Battles comes Skyrim At The Movies. In this installment, Krypton’s favorite son, the Man of Steel himself gets the Skyrim treatment. This is Skyrim at the Movies: Superman.

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Man of Steel Trailer — “Hey, is that Superman?”

A guy in the Man of Steel trailer thinks this seems a bit familiar.

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel

The summer of 2013 kicks off with Iron Man and Superman (and some unexpected visitors) squaring off. (Marvel/DC/Iron Man 3/Man of Steel Parody/Review)

This video takes place before the opening of Iron Man 3. The post-release video will be up soon. Just playing catch up.

Superman’s Fortress of Solitude for Sale, Super Mortgage Needed

fortresssol 3 SR Geek Picks: Iron Man vs. Superman, Worlds Finest Movie Image, This Is The End Real World & More

World’s Finest

Batman and Superman movie mashup SR Geek Picks: Iron Man vs. Superman, Worlds Finest Movie Image, This Is The End Real World & More

Please. Please. Please.

NEXT PAGE: Conan O’Brien Reviews DC Superhero video game…


Light Starch Man

Light Starch Man 570x180 SR Geek Picks: Iron Man vs. Superman, Worlds Finest Movie Image, This Is The End Real World & More

If you enjoyed this cartoon, you may enjoy an entire book of my super hero satires. It’s called “Bizarro Heroes” and you can get it lots of places, including here.

8-bit Cinema: Star Trek in 90 Seconds

8-bit Cinema “gamifies” your favorite Hollywood Blockbusters into 60 to 120 seconds of 80’s arcade and NES inspired action!

Today we present: JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek in the form of an 8 bit video game!

Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews Injustice: Gods Among Us

CONAN Highlight: After playing some of DC Comics’ heroes & villains — including the upcoming General Zod DLC — Conan picks the only character for him, the Flaming C. More “Clueless Gamer” @ http://teamcoco.com/cluelessgamer/

Animal Crossing Rap By Adam WarRock

“The Mayor” [Animal Crossing – New Leaf]

Free download: http://www.adamwarrock.com/?p=3409

Beat used: Waka Flocka “I Don’t Really Care”

Adam WarRock has been playing way too much Animal Crossing New Leaf this week…

NEXT PAGE: Live-action Bioshock short film…


Little Sister (Live Action BioShock Short)

A live-action fan film from Swedish directors André Hedetoft and Andreas Climent inspired by Bioshock, one of the most popular video games of all time. Made on a super low budget and shot in one day, with post-production taking place over a period of several months.

Live Action Shot-for-Shot Remake Of A Goofy Movie

Commanding Voice (Featuring Mark Meer)‏

Aliens are attacking the earth and it’s down to the Sneaky Zebra boys to save the planet, the only issue is they need a little motivation! Cue the one and only Mark Meer (The voice of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect), the man with voice that can turn any speech into a motivational war cry!

That’s all for today, folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie-related geekery.

Today’s picks have been brought to you by: CollegeHumorBonafideComedyMovotoAndreas ClimentsneakyzebraCinemaSinsUCBComedyteamcocoBizarroComicsBuzzfeed, ItsJustSomeRandomGuyNerdistCineFixTed SowardsAdam WarRock and MTV.

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