Everything Wrong with Deadpool Video Released

The latest video from CinemaSins takes aim at one of 2016's most successful blockbusters, giving the Merc with a Mouth a taste of his own medicine.

Ryan Reynolds paid for Deadpool writers to be on set

The CinemaSins YouTube channel is notorious for their systemized takedowns of popular films, running through an entire length of it while pointing out snarky, clever flaws in some of our favorite movies along the way. Their belief that no movie is without sin has helped to make them one of the more popular YouTube channels in the online film world, and today, they have set their sights on one of the most popular and successful films of 2016, the Ryan Reynolds-led, foul-mouthed superhero flick, Deadpool.

The film, which came after years and years of fans waiting for Wade Wilson/the Merc with a Mouth to be on the receiving end of a faithful film adaptation, was one of the most critically acclaimed superhero films of recent memory. In fact, many praised not only its dedication to staying true to its character but also its unique structure and the refreshing change of pace it offered compared to the rest of the recent superhero films that have been released over the past few years.

Surprisingly enough, the video itself is notably kinder and more appreciative of Deadpool's merits than a majority of CinemaSins' other videos. There's even a fun segment at the end, which takes points off whenever the film actually points out the same flaws and cliches in it that the brand is known for pointing out in a majority of their videos. You can check it out for yourself above, and it may give fans an even greater appreciation of the film's razor-sharp sense of humor and comedic timing.

Ryan Reynolds DEADPOOL

In fact, one of the biggest reasons that Deadpool worked was the way that it managed to blend all of its tones, including its constant tongue-in-cheek, meta sense of self-awareness. The fact that even amongst all of that self-awareness, though, the film still managed to create and establish a legitimate and sincere relationship at the heart of its story, is one of its greater accomplishments, and is all the more reason why writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese should be given as much credit as they have so far from fans and even those involved in the film.

Right now, 20th Century Fox isn't planning on letting the momentum from Deadpool slow down either, with a sequel already in the works. Despite losing original director Tim Miller, the project quickly managed to find a replacement in John Wick co-director David Leitch, with a script by Wernick and Reese. Reynolds, among many of the first film's main cast members, will be returning for the sequel as well, in what is quickly shaping up to be one of the most interesting and anticipated superhero movie sequels in the genre's history.

Source: CinemaSins

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