Everything That’s Confirmed About The Veronica Mars Reboot

While some people say that revivals are bad ideas, other fans are incredibly happy to return to the characters that they once spent so many hours with. It's safe to say that fans of the teen detective Veronica Mars can't wait for the revival which will premiere this summer. The show ran for three seasons and while there was a movie in 2014, that just wasn't enough for Marshmallows who love Kristen Bell and the rest of the cast.

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10 It's Coming Back In July 2019

Thankfully, the wait for the new episodes isn't very long. The Veronica Mars revival will premiere on July 26th on Hulu.

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It can often feel like the wait for a revival is taking forever, especially if it's announced and then seems to go nowhere for quite some time. People started talking about more Veronica Mars in September 2018, so it's been a fairly short wait, and fans are definitely grateful for that.

9 There Will Be Eight Episodes

It has also been confirmed that there will be eight episodes of the Veronica Mars revival. Fans probably have mixed feelings about this news.

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While some feel that fewer episodes are a better idea since the story can be well-crafted and neatly told, others could argue that it's not enough time to flesh out storylines. It's also true that loyal fans want as much time with their old favorite characters as possible. But maybe the revival will do so well that it will come back for another season (and maybe that one will have a few more episodes)? Here's hoping.

8 A Teaser Trailer Is Out

Watching a trailer for an anticipated book-to-film adaptation or the reboot of a popular TV series can be stressful. Is it going to meet expectations? Is it going to be any good? What if it's the opposite of want fans want?

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A teaser trailer is out for the reboot of Veronica Mars and it looks great. The trailer opens with Veronica jogging and totally kicking butt (and making a joke about "the gram"). Her trademark voice is still here: in a voiceover, we hear Veronica say, "Spring break was always sketchy but this was worse. Neptune was experiencing a crime wave."

7 Veronica Is Working With Her Dad

Veronica's dad, Keith (Enrico Colantoni), is such a sweet TV dad. He's cute and probably reminds a lot of fans of their own fathers. In the reboot, Veronica is working with her dad at Mars Investigations.

This is an amazing idea and fits the show perfectly. Maybe she and her dad will fight about the way to solve the case or they'll have different ways of doing their detective work. After all, conflict has to come from somewhere, and sometimes there's no conflict like the strife between family members.

6 Logan Will Return

Fans ship certain couples from every TV show out there, and on Veronica Mars, it seems like the majority of fans want Logan and Veronica to be together. The first three seasons of the show definitely focused on teen drama components like love triangles and dramatic breakups and makeups but it was clear that these two had a special bond.

Thankfully, Logan will be back for the reboot, as it has been confirmed that Jason Dohring is returning. This is a huge relief. It's impossible to imagine the show without him as he is such a big part of everything.

5 A Famous Face Will Be On The Show

It's exciting when a popular show returns for a revival, so it's always good when the show ups their game and has a few new and famous faces, too. It has been confirmed that J.K. Simmons, of Whiplash and Spider-Man fame, will be on the reboot of Veronica Mars and will play a character named Clyde Prickett. He used to be a criminal so it definitely seems that he will keep things interesting.

4 Fans Will Be Happy That Vinnie And Piz Will Be There, Too

Ken Marino and Chris Lowell are both returning to the Veronica Mars revival. They will play their popular characters Vinnie Van Lowe and Piz.

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Fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing this because sometimes OG characters aren't such a big part of the revival. For example, Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, and Uncle Joey are barely on Fuller House and only played a small part in the first season. While it's understandable to focus on certain characters or create new ones (like the daughter or son of a beloved older character, for example), fans love the old characters for a reason.

3 It's Going To Be Grown-Up

Of course, Veronica Mars was a teen show, featuring characters in high school. While Veronica was kicking butt investigating all kinds of things and acted older than the people that she was in class with, she was still pretty young.

The revival is going to be much more grown-up. Craig Erwich, Senior VP of Originals at Hulu, has been quoted as saying, "But it is definitely an update. She is not a little girl anymore. You will see her dealing with contemporary issues in a contemporary world."

2 It's Another Murder Story

The Veronica Mars reboot will be another story about murder, which is perfect. This is truly what fans love about the show, particularly since it began with Veronica focusing on the murder of her best pal, Lilly Kane.

The description for the new episodes says, “Spring breakers are getting murdered in Neptune, thereby decimating the seaside town’s lifeblood tourist industry." It continues that Veronica and her father are "hired by the parents of one of the victims to find their son’s killer." This sounds so juicy and interesting... and definitely makes fans think that a fifth season will be possible. There will be a lot of mysteries that Veronica can solve, right?

1 It's Five Years Later

It has also been confirmed that the Veronica Mars revival is five years later than the movie. This makes sense since Veronica will be working with her dad and will be more grown-up.

We can't wait to see what Veronica will get up to, how she's going to solve this mystery (because it's super obvious that she will -- after all, she's Veronica Mars, the smartest sleuth around), and what's going to happen to her love life. Thankfully for fans, July is almost here.

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