Everything You Need To Know About Moon Knight (& Why He Would Be Perfect For The MCU)

For a while now, Marvel Comics fans have wanted to see Marc Spector – better known as the masked vigilante Moon Knight – join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige has confirmed plans for just that, while James Gunn has revealed that he pitched a Moon Knight movie to Marvel Studios a few years back.

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Moon Knight’s characterization is a few shades darker than the kind of fun, colorful characters we’ve seen in the MCU so far, but then it seems as though we’ll see nightmares realized as another dimension and the actual terrorist leader the Mandarin in Phase 4, so maybe the MCU as a whole is getting darker, making this the perfect time for Moon Knight to join the fold. So, here is Everything You Need To Know About Moon Knight (& Why He Would Be Perfect For The MCU).

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Moon Knight Khonshu
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10 You need to know: He has a rich backstory

Moon Knight Khonshu

A superhero is only as good as their origin story, and Moon Knight’s is deep, complex, and ripe for adaptation. Marc Spector was born in Chicago to a rabbi father and grew up to become a heavyweight boxer before enlisting as a U.S. Marine. Following his military career, he became a mercenary, which led him to an assignment involving an archeological dig in Egypt, where a statue of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu has been uncovered.

The situation goes awry and Spector is left to die at the dig site in the freezing temperatures of the night. Khonshu comes to him in a vision and tells him that if he becomes his embodiment on Earth, he’ll let him live. And so, he awakens and becomes Moon Knight.

9 Why he’d be perfect for the MCU: There’s no MCU character quite like him

Marvel character Moon Knight wallpaper

There’s something about almost every MCU character – the best ones, at least – that makes them unique, and also makes them contrast with the others. For example, Tony Stark comes from a privileged background and Peter Quill comes from a working-class background.

Fans start to get disappointed when similar characters are introduced, like how Stephen Strange was initially characterized as a second-rate Tony Stark. The great thing about Moon Knight is that there are no other MCU characters like him. His origin in Egyptian mythology, his career as a mercenary, and his detective skills make him Thor, Deadpool, and Batman rolled into one.

8 You need to know: His powers depend on the lunar cycle

Moon Knight in the moonlight

It sort of says it in the name, “Moon Knight,” that the Moon might have something to do with his superpowers, but anyway, the character’s powers are dependent on the Moon. Depending on the lunar cycle, his strength, agility, and endurance can be enhanced to superhuman levels.

He’s also a master detective and martial artist (skills that don’t depend on the Moon). He’s a human from Earth, which needs to be specified in regards to a franchise where a talking tree is a fan-favorite character and fans are expected to be familiar with concepts such as living planets and six stones that control the fabric of reality.

7 Why he’d be perfect for the MCU: He has a ton of great villains

Moon Knight wallpaper

Alfred Hitchcock once said that the entire success of a film rests on how good its villain is, and it’s in this department that Marvel has struggled in the past – fans and critics have often said that the MCU has a “villain problem.” Bringing Moon Knight aboard would help to fix that, since he has a ton of great villains in his rogues gallery: Shadow Knight, Black Specter, Raoul Bushman.

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Fans are getting tired of the one-villain-per-movie thing, preferring instead for hero/villain rivalries to develop over time, like Star Wars did with Darth Vader (or like the MCU did with Loki). Moon Knight’s on-and-off ally/foe Taskmaster (who is set to join the MCU in next year’s Black Widow prequel) could become just that.

6 You need to know: His powers eventually wore off

Moon Knight's training

After a while, Moon Knight’s powers began to wear off. They weren’t permanent. As they faded away, he lost his enhanced abilities allowed by the lunar cycle and had to rely on his own fighting ability and detective skills to continue his superheroics. This would make a great sequel if he got a solo franchise in the MCU.

The first one would see him acquire his powers from the statue of Khonshu in Egypt. Then, in the second one, those powers would wear off and he would have to learn to use his own skills to fight crime. It could be the next Spider-Man 2 in soul-searching superhero sequels where the hero loses their powers.

5 Why he’d be perfect for the MCU: He would introduce a new criminal organization to the universe

The MCU has gotten a lot of mileage out of Hydra lurking in the shadows, pulling the strings in the world of espionage, what with testing Cap’s loyalty to the government and brainwashing Bucky to spend decades as a one-armed assassin.

Introducing Moon Knight into the franchise would also introduce a new shady criminal organization to permeate throughout the ongoing storylines: the Committee. In fact, Marc Spector once lied (a moral gray area that is usually dynamite for superhero movies) and said that he was created by the Committee, just to convince his allies to help him bring it down.

4 You need to know: His best friend is a French pilot named Jean-Paul DuChamp

Every MCU hero needs a trusty best friend at their side – Thor has Heimdall, Ant-Man has Luis, Steve Rogers has Bucky (and later Sam Wilson, and later both) – and Moon Knight is no different. His pal is a French pilot named Jean-Paul DuChamp and, in the same way that Tony Stark calls James Rhodes “Rhodey” and Carol Danvers’ bestie Maria Rambeau has her call sign “Photon,” Moon Knight has an affectionate nickname for his pal: “Frenchie.”

As powerful combatants and guns for hire, Spector and DuChamp have gotten into some wild adventures together that it would be fun to see translated to the screen.

3 Why he’d be perfect for the MCU: He’s teamed up with a bunch of other Marvel characters in the comics

Avengers, X-Men, Moon Knight, Cloak, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man

What makes a great candidate for an MCU character is that suitability to the larger ensembles and team-up movies, and Moon Knight has joined forces with a bunch of different Marvel characters over the years, like Doctor Strange and Hawkeye.

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He also helped Spider-Man defeat the villain Cyclone (and we all know that team-ups with Tom Holland’s Spidey – whether it’s with Iron Man, Nick Fury, Mysterio, or Captain Marvel – are a joy to watch). Plus, he’s been associated with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, who Kevin Feige has confirmed are on their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (albeit in the relatively distant future).

2 You need to know: He has a few aliases besides Moon Knight

Upon returning from Egypt with the powers of Moon Knight, Marc Spector decided to become a crime-fighter, so he left his mercenary days behind by investing the money he made in that line of work and became relatively wealthy.

To leave the past in the past, he created a few aliases, such as his rich entrepreneur character Steven Grant (in whose name he purchased a sizeable estate) and his taxi driver character Jake Lockley (who keeps in touch with the dealings of the street-level criminal underworld). Another alias is obviously Moon Knight, his silver-cloaked crime-fighting vigilante character, otherwise known as “the Fist of Khonshu” (every superhero needs a nickname: “the Dark Knight,” “the Man of Steel,” “the Scarlet Speedster” etc.).

1 Why he’d be perfect for the MCU: He’s darker than anyone we’ve seen in the MCU so far

A few years ago, Kevin Feige said that the MCU would never make a “dark” movie in the vein of the DCEU. However, with Moon Knight, there’s a chance to make a movie with dark themes and gloomy visuals that fits into the MCU and would be the darkest movie they’ve done yet without sinking to DC’s dark-for-the-sake-of-dark lows.

With the Doctor Strange sequel being pitched as a horror movie and the Eternals movie spanning eons of existence, Marvel is clearly shaking things up to keep audiences excited in a post-Endgame world. Maybe a gritty, solemn movie in the vein of The Dark Knight is just what they need.

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