Everything We Know So Far About The Disney+ Catalog

With streaming service sprouting up like weeds nowadays it’s hard to know where to divide that precious, hard-earned money. While Netflix has been a staple of the industry since its inception, it’s finding itself with tougher and tougher competition. As Disney begins removing its catalog from the streaming service in order to start one of its own, it might be a wise time to start thinking about where that seven dollars will be coming from. But what exactly will that seven dollars a month get loyal Disney fans that sign up? Well, let’s dive into just what exactly Disney plans to offer as it starts streaming to devices every this November.

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8 The Disney Vault

Disney Vault

While Disney fans have been able to watch a decent portion of the Disney catalog through streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, Disney plus will unleash to the public the whole of Disney’s massive collection. While some films, like Dumbo, will stream edited versions to avoid acknowledging a history of racism in children’s cartoons, most Disney films will stream in their original forms. The Disney vault has long kept classics locked away for years at a time, but with its new streaming service, Disney is releasing the flood gates on eager Disney fans. However, the classics aren’t all that Disney plans to bring to its new streaming service.

7 Lucasfilm

Over the past few years, Disney has spent billions of dollars gobbling up some of the most valuable properties in the entertainment industry. There was never any question that with the inception of its new streaming service, big papa Disney is going to put those properties to work. Along with the inclusion of every Star Wars film to date, Disney will also be creating several of its own series unique to the company’s streaming platform. While many Star Wars fans are simply excited to have a place be able to hold the most epic marathon of all time for only seven dollars a month, Disney (and its stockholders) wouldn’t be satisfied without bringing some new projects and stories into the world of Star Wars.

6 Marvel

Likely one of the most profitable purchases Disney has ever or will ever make, the entirety of the Marvel catalog will be available on Disney plus when it launches. Everything from the classics like the original Iron Man and the Avengers, to some of the not-so-classics like Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, Marvel fans will have plenty of opportunities to host massive streaming marathons of their own. 

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While the Infinity Saga is a big selling point for Disney’s new streaming service, they have no intentions of coasting on the successes of the past. But there will be plenty of time to discuss that a little later.

5 Fox

While the extent of series and films from the Fox catalog that will be available to stream on Disney plus has not yet been announced, Disney had made it known that the purchase was made specifically to bolster their new streaming service. However, fans of The Simpsons can take relief in knowing the fact that every single episode of the longest running animated show in history will be making their way to Disney Plus. That's right. Every. Single. Episode. So for any fans who have failed to stay up to date, or anyone simply missing some of the classic episodes, Disney Plus will hold them exclusively.

4 Original Content

The Mandalorian

As mentioned previously, Disney has no intentions of coasting off of the past successes of the major properties it has purchased recently. Everything from new Star Wars projects like The Mandalorian, and a Rogue One prequel following Diego Luna’s character, Cassian Andor, to new Marvel series slated to follow the ongoing hijinks of Loki, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, even The Scarlet Witch and Vision. While some of the titles may need some work (WandaVision, really? That’s the best title the largest media conglomerate in the world could come up with? Really? Okay. If you say so.) these projects and future announcements will be sure to keep subscribers coming back for more.  

3 Pixar

Pixar Movies Logo

Another one of Disney’s most profitable partnerships, Pixar, like Lucasfilm and Marvel, has been given its own section and the very top of Disney plus’ home screen. Having partnered with Disney on some of the most iconic animated films of the past few decades, Pixar has definitely earned its spot. 

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While fans of the classics will be able to stream anything from classics like Toy Story and A Bug’s Life, those looking for recent films like Brave, The Incredibles 2, and even collections of Pixar’s short films, will also find what they’re looking for on Disney Plus.

2 National Geographic

Nat-Geo Channel Banner

For anyone looking to experience a little more real than the fighting superheroes, dueling lightsabers, or animated classics, Disney Plus will be offering a large library of National Geographic’s series and documentaries. So if the animated African plains of Disney’s Lion King aren’t enough to satiate the avid animal lover, Disney Plus will have them covered with plenty of in-depth content for any National Geographic aficionado. While not all of National Geographic’s will match Disney Plus’ aim to remain family friendly, there are still plenty of options available to anyone looking for something a bit more serious to watch.

1 Extras/ Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Captain Marvel Behind the Scenes Brie Larson Samuel L Jackson

Something that has been sorely missing from the larger streaming services currently available is the ability to take a deeper dive into the feature and series that are available to stream. While Amazon has hinted at it with its new x-ray feature. Disney Plus will allow streamers to dive into the bonus features, behind-the-scenes extras, tutorials given by the Disney animators themselves,  and all the bonuses that one might expect to find on the special features section of a blu-ray. Disney Plus certainly seems to be building itself into a major competitor to streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.  With a company as massive and ubiquitous as Disney backing it, it’s hard to imagine that this new streaming service won’t make a break for the top very early on.

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