'Everything is Awesome': Lonely Island & Tegan and Sara's Oscars 2015 Performance

There were plenty of noteworthy moments that occurred during the 87th Annual Academy Awards ceremony last night, but one of the most talked about parts of the show is easily that of the live musical performance for the Best Song Oscar nominated "Everything is Awesome" from the critically acclaimed (and commercially successful) The LEGO Movie.

For those who missed it, you can now watch the performance online - as embedded above from the ABC telecast - complete with performances by Tegan and Sara, Lonely Island, Will Arnett as Batman, and a collection of backup dancers (who handed out LEGO Oscars to various members of the show's audience during the musical number). This all followed an opening animated sequence, which depicts the Oscar event and its performers in LEGO form.

LEGO Movie being left out of the race for the Best Animated Feature Oscar this year brought the Academy a whole lot of backlash, but that just added a fun layer of irony to the 2015 Oscars ceremony's "Everything is Awesome" performance's popularity with the general public. Regardless, the song/dance number was very much in the spirit of the film that inspired it - from the self-ridiculing humor to the intentionally cartoonish, bright, and irreverent design of the show number.

Warner Bros., for its part, is probably quite content with LEGO Movie not landing any wins at this year's Academy Awards ceremony. The studio has already begun to build its LEGO cinematic universe, with the ninja-themed spinoff Ninjago and solo character vehicle LEGO Batman (the latter featuring Arnett back voicing the title character) scheduled to arrive in theaters in 2016 and 2017, respectively, before The LEGO Movie 2 hits the scene in 2018.

Fingers crossed, these upcoming LEGO films will turn out well... but we're not holding our breath, when it comes to expectations that any of them will include quite so catchy a main tune.

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Source: ABC Television Network

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'Everything is Awesome': Lonely Island & Tegan and Sara's Oscars 2015 Performance