Everybody Loves Raymond: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Relationships

Everybody Loves Raymond was very rich in the relationship department, especially for a sitcom. This show was deeply rooted in its characters and their relationships with each other, as its entire plot surrounded the quirky dynamics between the members of the Barone family.

This series depended on relationships, probably more so than most shows because it was a family comedy that hinged on the dysfunction and hilarious, weird antics that went on in the Barones' everyday life. Everybody Loves Raymond is all about relationships and while it didn't feature a lot of them, the ones the show created were iconic.

Whether we remember them for being great, or for being terrible, the relationships in Everybody Loves Raymond were as captivating as they were hilarious. Let's take a look at some of the best and worst.

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Ray and Debra's relationship was the main focal point of the series. The couple's marriage was heavily featured throughout the series. Through many pitfalls, arguments, and tough times, the dynamic duo represented a realistic marriage for the audience, and they were deeply loved for that.

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Everybody Loves Raymond certainly excelled in its portrayal of marriages and prided itself on being a show that accurately represented romance in a genuine and less glamorous light.


Ray was Marie's boy, no doubt. Her favorite son and the object of her affections. As far as Marie was concerned, Ray could do no wrong, and this relationship is a big reason as to why the show is called Everybody Loves Raymond.

This relationship is deeply dysfunctional, though. It may not be overtly unhealthy but Marie's constant pampering of Raymond was problematic and fueled his spoiled tendencies.


Frank and Marie Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond

Frank and Marie's relationship may seem quite volatile at first glance, but at the core, this couple was the show's attempt at portraying a gritty realism that most sitcoms don't dare touch on. Although Frank and Marie have constant fights and have done some questionable things to each other, at the end of the day, it's always reestablished that they do love and care about each other.

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The show chooses to portray Frank and Marie's love in a different way than it does with any other relationship, and it works. Frank and Marie strive to teach the "kids" a lesson about marriage and what it's really like.


Marie is definitely not the idyllic mother-in-law for anyone. When Debra first began dating Raymond, Marie appeared to welcome her with open arms. The two were actually shown to be very close and friendly in flashback sequences, and humorously Debra was actually the one who wanted Frank and Marie to be living right across the street from her and Ray.

But Debra and Marie's dynamic slowly turned toxic, and although it was at times endearing when the two of them (rarely) got along, this relationship was not healthy.


Amy and Robert Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond

Amy and Robert were the series' slow-burn romance, and for several seasons, they were also the on-again-off-again couple that kept the audiences coming back for more. Amy and Robert had some issues early on in the series, and they broke up several times before finally tying the knot.

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Robert also struggled to get along with Amy's family, while Amy pretty much adjusted to Barone's life right away. The two were very different people, but their romance worked and was one of Everybody Loves Raymond's most beloved.


Debra wasn't the only daughter-in-law that Marie routinely victimized. Amy was also frequently a target of manipulation tactics and underhanded tricks. Although Marie frequently favored Amy over Debra, Robert's wife did not escape Marie's antics.

Marie is sweet to Amy up until after she marries Robert. As soon as the couple gets back from their honeymoon, Marie begins to hassle Amy about writing thank you notes to the guests, and ultimately shows innocent Amy her true colors.


Ray and Robert had a very typical brotherly bond, but due to some heavy sibling rivalry that primarily stemmed from Robert's jealousy toward Ray, the relationship was a little strained. The two would bicker and argue in nearly every episode, and this, of course, was thoroughly entertaining.

When push comes to shove, the brothers are on each other's side and never fail to stand up for one another. They are both also humorously afraid of their mother and wives.


The audience is introduced to Amy's parents when she and Robert's relationship becomes serious. Midway through the show, Amy becomes a series regular and her family and their eccentrics are often put in the limelight. The McDougall family is utterly stranger, extremely religious, and completely hilarious.

The dysfunction in the McDougall family is even more present than the Barones' dysfunction. The McDougalls certainly have some issues, namely their bizarre son, Peter, and the strained relationship between Pat and Hank.


Ray and Robert's brotherly dynamic is awesome, but it's made into something even more lovable and hilarious when Frank is thrown into the mix. Frank tends to be hard on his sons to the point of typically being quite unreasonable and ridiculous.

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As major as Frank's temper tantrums can be, his relationships with his sons are shown to be very important to him, and he really does value their thoughts and view of him.


Explored through flashback sequences, Robert was in a very toxic, abusive relationship with his first wife, Joanna. An episode that takes place before he marries Amy, delves into what went on in this marriage and just how terrible Joanna really was.

As hard on Debra and Amy as Marie is, Joanna definitely wins at being the worst daughter-in-law anyone could have. Joanna mercilessly abused Robert, and the entire relationship was one complete mess.

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