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Here's every toy belonging to Toy Story's Bonne Anderson. In addition to being the first fully computer animated movie, the original Toy Story was also Pixar's first feature film. Audiences quickly fell in love with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of Andy's toys, and the movie proved to be a critical and commercial hit. Toy Story 2 was originally designed as a straight to video release, but once Disney saw how well it was progressing, it was upgraded to a theatrical release and was (arguably) even better than the original.

Toy Story 3 marked something of a darker shift in tone for the series, with a grown-up Andy having little interest in playing with his toys, who eventually find themselves in a daycare center. The third movie was both hilarious and emotional and it initially seemed to be the end of the series, though a number of short films like Toy Story Of Terror! and Toy Story That Time Forgot soon followed. 2019's Toy Story 4 is intended to bring the franchise to a close.

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The bittersweet ending of Toy Story 3 finds Andy giving away all his toys to Bonnie Anderson, the daughter of the receptionist at Sunnyside Daycare. She and Andy play with the toys together before he leaves to begin college. Bonnie already had a nice collection of her own, so for fans who might be curious, here are all the main toys she owns.

bonnie tea party


Buzz Lightyear




Mr & Mrs Potato Head

Mr Pricklepants




Three Aliens



Chuckles The Clown


Totoro Plush

While Combat Carl, voiced by Carl Weathers (Predator), from Toy Story Of Terror! would have made a nice addition to Bonnie's collection, he escapes at the end of the short to find his original owner Billy. Bo Peep was also sold prior to Toy Story 3, so she doesn't end up in the collection either, though she will return for Toy Story 4.

It's possible Bonnie will have picked up a few more toys when Toy Story 4 begins, and the trailers show she's created her own with Forky. Forky is voiced by Tony Hale (Arrested Development) and is a spork with glued on eyes and a rubber band mouth, and when he goes missing during a trip with Bonnie's family, it's up to Woody and Buzz to save him. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (Get Out) also join the cast of the fourth movie as Ducky and Bunny, while Keanu Reeves voices daredevil action figure Duke Caboon.

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