Every Song In Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ranked

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the definition of a cult classic. It was met with widespread critical indifference upon its release in 1975 and only began to develop its following in 1976 when the Waverly Theatre in New York showed it as a midnight movie. Now there are shadow casts and viewings with audience participation all over, and it's still regularly shown especially around Halloween.

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Four decades after its premiere, it's the longest-running theatrical release in film history. There's no denying the influence the musical has had on the culture of cult classics. Much of its music is regarded as iconic, but we're going to break the songs down and rate them here from worst to best.

15 Over At The Frankenstein Place

Pretty much every song in Rocky Horror slaps and we don't really want to call any of them bad. But "Over At The Frankenstein Place" just doesn't have the same energy or iconic staying power of many of the other tracks. It sets the scene well enough, gives us an explanation for Brad and Janet's arrival, but doesn't do much beyond that.

14 Super Heroes

The final song in the movie, aside from the credits reprise, "Super Heroes" is a nihilistic little ditty that emphasizes how lost our hero and heroine are once they'd been shown a new way by Frank, only to have him taken away. It might give the audience something to ponder as they come away from the movie, but doesn't live up to its high points.

This song gives Rocky a moment to reflect on his strange birth. He seems eerily aware of the tragedy that will befall all of them as the night goes on, but none of them can escape their fate.

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This song's more in line with the showy energy of the rest.

13 Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul

Eddie, played by Meat Loaf, doesn't appear in much of the movie, but he certainly does leave an impression. The most rock 'n' roll track in the film features a defrosted Eddie crashing Frank's party, well after Frank was finished with him. As it turns out, people who cross Dr. Frank-n-Furter don't last long.

12 I Can Make You A Man

This whole song is a reference to Charles Atlas magazine advertisements, claiming their muscle-building program could "make you a new man" in just seven days. Of course, Frank takes this suggestion rather literally and as always, Tim Curry steals the show.

11 Wild and Untamed Thing

This triumphant number closes out the floor show and marks an end to Frank-n-Furter's wild party. This is mostly because Riff Raff and Magenta crash the show and proclaim his mission a failure. Unfortunately, the party and sound don't rock on that much longer.

10 Eddie's Teddy

A surprisingly catchy number recounting Eddie's many flaws, you might not expect this one to be as enjoyable as it is.

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But it's got a good beat, offers some insight into a couple of minor characters, and even lets Dr. Scott get in on the musical action.

9 I'm Going Home

As one of the last songs in the movie, it offers a genuinely emotional close to Frank-n-Furter's story and is probably one of the many reasons the film resonated so strongly with LGBTQ viewers.

In it, Frank laments that he's never felt accepted anywhere, but that despite all his struggles he's still seen beautiful things in the world. It hits even harder juxtaposed against the nonsensical tone of the rest of the film.

8 Dammit, Janet

The opening is a fun back and forth between Brad and Janet, upbeat and with a lot of simple rhymes. It isn't the most interesting or out-there song in the musical, but it is wildly catchy.

It's also fun watching the scene and catching all the foreshadowing, like the family chorus members or the fact that they're attending a funeral.

7 Don't Dream It, Be It

Another portion of the floor show, "Don't Dream It, Be It" is a languid, sensual number where Frank seems to break the rest of his guests and convince them to join him in his life of decadence.

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The characters who aren't already part of his harem are struggling to resist him and failing; even the staunchly conservative Dr. Scott dons a pair of fishnets.

6 Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me

This song is a turning point, where the previously virginal Janet has been recently seduced by Frank and is on the hunt for her next conquest.

She's essentially already fallen to Frank's decadent, sexual lifestyle. Newly awakened, she endeavors to seduce Rocky, who's own experience with women is limited. Janet interfering with Frank's creation sets them at odds and speeds everyone toward destruction.

5 Planet Schmanet, Janet

This is the confrontation between Frank and Janet as a direct result of her seducing Rocky, who Frank thinks of as his.

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The venom Curry infuses into the song when he's telling Janet to wise up makes for a delightful high energy song. Just don't pay too much attention to the scientific mumbo-jumbo Frank and Dr. Scott get into.

4 Science Fiction/Double Feature

The opening credits features a song originally sung by the Usherette in the stage production, but in the movie is just a disembodied pair of lips. One part introduction to the tone of the film, one part celebration of the kinds of sci-fi B movies that Rocky Horror Picture Show parodies and idolizes, the strange hypnotic song is an excellent way to let audiences know the kind of experience they're in for.

3 Rose Tint My World

The opening of the floor show is an excellent way to start off the film's finale. It's fun to see the curtain rise and see everyone decked out in a corset and fishnet stockings, including Rocky and Brad. The lot of them recount their confusion and grievances, but on the whole decide to "rose tint their world" and focus on the things that give them hope instead.

2 Time Warp

When Brad and Janet first arrive at Dr. Frank-n-Furter's castle, they're greeted with a whole host of "Transylvanians" attending a party.

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They're introduced to a dance sensation that's become iconic of the musical, performed by fans at theatres and conventions across the country. It's catchy and easy to master since the lyrics tell you exactly what to do

1 Sweet Transvestite

There's only one song that could top "Time Warp" and it is the song of the The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It functions as both Brad and Janet's and the audience's introduction to the show-stealing Dr. Frank-n-Furter.

Our hero and heroine don't really stand a chance from this point on; Frank's memorable introduction sets the stage for the whole wild night to come.

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