Every Single DC TV Show, Ranked

You don't have to be the World's Greatest Detective or the Man of Steel to enjoy the many shows that DC Comics has put out over the years. Whether it's part of the wildly popular CW Arrowverse or a standalone series on a different network, DC has maintained its early edge over Marvel's television exploits (especially given the recent cancellations of Daredevil, Luke Cageand Iron Fist).

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With new shows coming in from DC Universe and the CW, DC Comics future in television looks bright. However, as with all comics, there eventually comes a time when the heroes you love must randomly fight one another to see who's the best. At the end of the day, some heroes are just plain better to watch. So, here are all the DC TV Shows Ranked!

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Cameron Cuffe and Ian McElhinney in Krypton
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9 Krypton

Cameron Cuffe and Ian McElhinney in Krypton

It's a bird! It's a plane! It' The only SyFy program of the bunch, Krypton faces an uphill battle to get viewers to tune in to its upcoming season two. Many feel that the shows characters and storylines are one dimensional, with slow growth and arcs that go nowhere. The heavy use of Superman lore (Hey look, it's Kandor!) doesn't help Krypton stand out on its own. The show needs its own, grounded reality and characters for it to finally take to the skies. Hopefully, season two allows the show to grow and develop enough to become the super show we know it can be.

8 Constantine

Rest well, sweet prince. Constantine's fiercely loyal fan base had been clamoring for a live action series since the early days of the Arrowverse. Finally, they were granted their heart's desire...only for it to be a monkey's paw. Due to low ratings, the show was canceled after its first season. Which is a shame, as despite some stumbling blocks, there was potential for this show. While some stories were a bit more miss than hit and some of the cast hadn't quite found their footing, Matt Ryan's performance as the titular supernatural detective gave charm and grit to a fascinating character. Luckily, Constantine's fans were given a second chance; Ryan's Constantine lives on, having been cast as a series regular in Legends of Tomorrow.

7 Titans

This is very clearly not the Teen Titans that many of us grew up with. And that's okay! DC Universe's Titans, though VERY different tonally,  still has things working for it. However, with age comes maturity and that's the lesson for the Titans to learn.

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The best parts of this show are not the (incredibly, supremely) violent fight scenes or dark brooding moments, but the moments the Titans come together as a team, making it feel like a DC Comic come to life. My hope is that season two brings us more of those moments and less of Robin brutally beating someone within an inch of their life because my GOD man.

6 Gotham

At the end of the era, we finally have...the Batman. Fox's Gotham has been a lot of things over the past five years. It's been a case of the week procedural, it's been a villain-focused character piece, and it's been a narrative drama. The biggest criticism of most of the series was that it sometimes didn't feel like it was a Batman show and at times that was certainly true. But now, it's finally the Caped Crusader's time. The lead up for this moment has been long awaited, and fans can only hope it pays off the way they hope it will.

5 Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Poster

Love it or hate it, Legends of Tomorrow is here to stay it seems. So long as the other Arrowverse shows stay on, many of their side characters will find a home on Legends. which is a positive and a negative thing. The show is able to hook to the other Arrowverse shows at a moment's notice and the rotating cast keeps things fun and fresh. On the other hand, it's meant that we haven't had many meaningful character arcs for anyone besides Sarah, and the show always feels slightly two dimensional. Still, the show is undeniably fun, even if the rules for time travel have ceased making sense; just enjoy the ride, because Legends of Tomorrow seems to be a part of our past, present and future.

4 Arrow

Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

Let's take a moment to acknowledge that without the success of Arrow, we would not have had most of the shows featured on this list. This was the first of the CW shows, creating the Arrowverse as we know it. However, this show has ironically had history missing the mark when it comes to character motivations and consistent emotional growth. Characters go back and forth from hatred to team unity nearly episode to episode.

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Regardless, it is the arrow that launched a thousand ships, and it has given more than its fair share of great moments. This show has not failed this city and it still has a few trick arrows up its quiver.

3 The Flash

The Flash Seaon 5 Premiere Review Nora Speedster

The Flash hit the ground running and stopped for nothing. The characters on the show are tonally differently than any single show in the Arrowverse; they have great chemistry with one another and are fun to watch. Tom Cavanagh's ability to take on a new Wells character every season is truly remarkable and the casting of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen is one of the best casting decisions the CW has ever made. The one thing stopping this show from being truly perfect is its crutch on using time travel plotlines. Time travel has played a major factor in nearly every season of The Flash to date. I look forward to when the show moves away from those elements and finds new and exciting ways to show how Barry Allen is the fastest man alive.

2 Supergirl

Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

Despite having a rough take off at CBS, the show has now soared to new heights as part of the CW's Arrowverse. Supergirl's message of hope and acceptance can often fall on deaf or jaded ears, but it's why a show like this needs to have the volume blasted in response. From showing off positive LGBT role models to the fact that forgiveness is shown to be just as powerful a weapon as Supergirl's fists, the show has had some amazing moments and messages for fans of all ages. Season 4 has easily been the best yet and from here the show can only go up, up and away.

1 Black Lightning

This show lives up to its name as an electrifying new show that, if it ever joins the Arrowverse some day, would elevate everything else around it due to its quality. Black Lightning takes the superhero genre and gives it new life and energy with Cress Williams' relatable and fresh Black Lightning. With some of the best villains ever seen in a DC show, the show managed to completely subvert all expectations. There is drama, humor, and incredible action. Grant Gustin does an amazing job playing Barry Allen; Cress Williams IS Black Lightning.

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