Every Main Witch & Warlock In Sabrina And What Powers They Have

One of the biggest deviations between the new The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix series and the original 1990s Sabrina the Teenage Witch show is its darkness. Most witches in the new series are proudly evil, ready and willing to serve the Dark Lord even if it means literally being eaten in his name. It stands to reason that the witches and warlocks in this series are going to be much more disturbing than those in the 90s series.

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Some are eviler than others, and some seem to have zero shame at all, but all of the main witches and warlocks in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina have their own unique abilities and quirks.

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10 Zelda Spellman

Sabrina's aunt Zelda seems like she has it all together as one of the most competent witches in her coven, but the paramour and eventual new wife of Father Blackwood is often terribly wrong in her instincts. Even so, she remains a powerful practitioner of the Unseen Arts who specializes in "spite jars." She's proficient at spell-casting and able to perform astral projection, exorcisms, containment and protection spells and teleportation. Zelda can also influence the weather, use mind control and employ telekinesis.

A midwife, Auntie Zee also directs the Satanic Choir and teaches ancient tongues and sacred scripture at the Academy of Unseen Arts. She can also act as a medium and, like other witches, she ages very slowly.

9 Edward Spellman

Edward Spellman

As High Priest of the Church of Night and the Headmaster of the Academy of Unseen Arts, Sabrina's adoptive father Edward Spellman was one of the most progressive warlocks of his time. While we don't get to spend much time with the assassinated leader, we know he was a powerful spell caster. He had a reputation as the greatest conjurer of the Church of Night. We also know that he was able to capture and exorcise demons.

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Even though Edward is thought to be one of the more forward-thinking warlocks, he still made a deal with the devil in order to marry the mortal woman he fell in love with, sealing Sabrina's fate and signing her name in the Dark Lord's book himself.

8 Sabrina Spellman

The protagonist of our series, Sabrina Spellman is half-mortal, giving her one foot in the dark and one foot in the land of mortals. This makes her especially interesting and appealing to the current cultural fascination with multi-layered heroes. The half-witch demonstrates dozens of powers in the show, from various forms of spell casting like memory manipulation, glamours, containment spells, necromancy and and astral projection, to dream walking, familiar communication, telekinesis and levitation.

Sabrina is able to act as a medium, perform exorcisms, and use the powers of healing, pyrokinesis and resurrection. She can summon Hellfire, perform enchantments, create protection wards, control weather and open portals as well.

7 Prudence Blackwood

As the daughter of Faustus Blackwood, it stands to reason that Prudence would be a powerful witch. The leader of the Weird Sisters at the Academy of Unseen Arts has demonstrated a wide variety of spell casting powers in the series, from warding and illusion manipulation to necromancy and cursing. Prudence can utilize mind control, telekinesis and telepathy, and engage in teleportation.

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Prudence had precognitive powers that allow her to witness future events before they occur. She has also utilized the power of bi-location, which allows a witch to transport another witch to another location. Like other witches, she has abnormal longevity and Tati Gabrielle, who plays Prudence in the series, says that she is around 70 years old.

6 Nick Scratch

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Nick Scratch

According to Sabrina's boyfriend himself, Nick is "the best binder and conjurer since Edward Spellman," and despite his motivation for it he has proven to be a powerful alley for her. Nick is adept at spell casting, from conjuring and warding to astral projection and necromancy. Nick has the power of telekinesis and, like other warlocks, ages slowly, currently at age 50.

Accomplished at teleportation and inter-dimensional travel, Nick can also influence people's minds and fire blasts of energy at opponents. Nick is also a scholar. He has been studying Sabrina's father's works like the Acheron Configuration for years and is a source of information for Sabrina.

5 Hilda Spellman

Sabrina's Auntie Hilda is the conscience of the show, often pointing out the most humane and kind thing to do. She's a love potion expert who is also an accomplished healer. Like her sister, Hilda has the power of longevity, can exorcise demons and is able to work as a medium. Hilda can cast glamours, wards, containment spells and perform other types of spell work like atmokinesis and astral projection.

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Hilda is also great at divination, which comes in handy when she stands up for Theo, then-Susie, in an episode. Hilda is also the person to ask about all things magical, from which herbs to use to which cleansing rituals to perform if cursed.

4 Dorian Gray

The owner of the warlock's club Dorian's Gray Room, Dorian Gray is more of a historical nod to symbolize the hedonism within the series than one of the other main characters, but his presence is nonetheless important in the series. In order to obtain his eternal youth, Dorian made a pact with the Dark Lord, allowing him to stay young while his portrait ages a la the 1890 work by Oscar Wilde.

Gray is also invulnerable as a result of his deal, keeping him safe from those who would do him harm. Played by actor Jedidiah Goodacre, Gray can also perform similar spell work to that of other warlocks.

3 Father Faustus Blackwood

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Father Blackwood son

Richard Coyle makes the perfect Father Faustus Blackwood, a warlock devious to his core. The former High Priest of the Church of Night has demonstrated an aptitude for general spell casting, particularly in the form of summoning, and we know he has been able to utilize the power of telekinesis. He has banished a demon on the show and presided over other magical rituals, but Blackwood's greatest powers aren't even warlock-related.

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Faustus is a pro at manipulation, orchestrating a sexist world around himself to ensure that he not only always gets his way, but that he also remains in power no matter the cost. He's not above poisoning his own people to get what he wants.

2 Ambrose Spellman

Sabrina's cousin Ambrose has taken the role of her confidante that Salem, her familiar, previously held in the 90s TV show. He also provides humor and guidance for his cousin. Ambrose is held under house arrest during part one of the series, but he is nonetheless a powerful warlock who helps Sabrina with spell work. He's not above hexing someone to teach a lesson.

Ambrose is experienced in electrokinesis and atmokinesis, as well as astral projection and necromancy. He can perform warding magic, different types of teleportation spells and containment magic. At 90 years old, he also enjoys the same longevity that other warlocks have.

1 Madam Satan

One of the most confusing characters on the show, Lilith, also known as Madam Satan, is a true example of the anti-hero who simultaneously makes us root for her and hate her. The powerful concubine of the Dark Lord exhibits more powers than anyone else on the show, possibly with the exception of Sabrina herself. She can shape shift, perform poppet puppetry, levitate and restore lost powers, as she did with Sabrina.

Madam Satan can resurrect, perform all of the spell work that the other witches and warlocks have been able to do, use scrying to spy on others and even immobilize others, if only temporarily.

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