Every Iron Man Suit From the MCU in One Awesome Image

Tony Stark with Iron Man suits

Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark has made a lot of Iron Man suits over the years, and now one dedicated Marvel fan has assembled them all in one image. There have been 49 Iron Man suits spotted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, plus five Iron Patriot/War Machine suits, and Tony latest suit was so advanced that it was made out of nanomachines and stored inside the arc reactor on his chest.

Many of the changes to Tony's primary suit have been subtle, with the design always maintaining the distinctive face plate and "hot rod red" coloring with gold trim. However, Tony has also gotten pretty creative over the years, building a Hulkbuster suit specifically to deal with an out-of-control Hulk, and assembling a diverse collection of automated suits called the Iron Legion.

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In the wake of Avengers: Infinity War, a Marvel fan has painstakingly assembled all of Tony's exoskeleton designs in one handy image, which was shared on Reddit. The image chronicles the evolution of the suit from the clunky makeshift Mark 1 all the way to the Bleeding Edge Mark 50, which Tony wore when he battled Thanos. A particularly large chunk of the image is dedicated to the diverse suit designs that made up the Iron Legion, which Tony destroyed at the end of Iron Man 3. Check out the history of the MCU Iron Man suit below, and click here for the full resolution version.

MCU Every Iron Man Suit

Missing from the image is the Mark 48 suit, which we haven't actually seen in the movies (perhaps it was a prototype for the Mark 50). Tony also created a second Iron Legion made up of automated suits that could not be worn, which were used for crowd control in Avengers: Age of Ultron before being commandeered by Ultron. We've yet to get a look at Iron Man's suit in Avengers 4, though set photos have shown Robert Downey Jr. sporting blond hair, indicating that some time has passed since the end of Infinity War. If we know Tony, he'll probably have used that time to come up with some more incredible tech.

In lieu of a new suit, we may actually end up seeing the Mark 7 design from The Avengers again, because set photos have shown the cast filming scenes from the Battle of New York all over again. With time travel looking ever more likely to be a plot element in Avengers 4, it seems like an appropriate time to take a look back through the last ten years of Iron Man suits.

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Source: Reddit

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