With Halloween right around the corner, horror movies have taken over our lives here at Screen Rant. We’ve busted out our favorite horror film box sets and marathoned movie after gory horror movie until we got sick. Perhaps the most iconic of all of these flicks are the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, starring Robert Englund (or Jackie Earl Haley in one case) as the iconic sweater-wearing slasher, Freddy Krueger. While the entire series as a whole is all in good fun, the quality of the individual Nightmare entries varies from terrifying to laugh-out-loud funny.

In all honesty, it’s mostly because of how each film handles Freddy himself. At first he was pure evil with a hint of villainous snarkiness. As the series progressed, he got more and more jokey and less and less scary. This is probably a large reason that the series has been in stagnation since 2011, when the reboot flopped and Freddy received a poor reception as a DLC character in Mortal Kombat. Alas, we still love the franchise. In particular, we still love Freddy! The character has made countless appearances across different media throughout the years. Some were great, some were bad, and some were straight up bizarre.

Here is Every Freddy Krueger Appearance, Ranked from Worst to Best!

Honorable Mention – Scary Terry (Rick and Morty)

Scary Terry Every Freddy Krueger Appearance, Ranked Worst To Best

 Okay, okay, we know this isn’t Freddy. Scary Terry is, as Rick points out, a “legally safe knockoff of an ‘80s horror character with miniature swords for fingers instead of knives.” But we can’t leave the extremely popular one-shot Rick and Morty character off of the list completely!

This slasher appears in the second episode of the show’s first season, The Lawnmower Dog. As the titular characters travel through layer after layer of the dream world (a la Inception) they encounter Scary Terry, a dream-hopping slasher who wears a fedora and striped sweater and has a knack for saying “bitch” at the end of every sentence. Although he appears terrifying at first, Rick and Morty discover that he’s really just an average family man who is completely insecure about his scariness. This is one of the greatest Freddy Krueger parodies ever made, and deserves to at least get an honorable mention on our list of appearances.

15. A Nightmare on Elm Street (NES Game)

Nightmare on Elm Street NES Every Freddy Krueger Appearance, Ranked Worst To Best

“Freddy’stm Comin’!”

 Ah, the golden age of Nintendo… back when video games were much simpler, with horrible yet charming 8-bit graphics, little to no storylines, and platforming galore. Back then everyone wanted to capitalize on the new video game craze. This led to some strange sponsored tie-ins, like the Yo! Noid video game from Dominos or the Cool Spot game made by 7-Up. Even violent R-rated films got in on the action, with both Friday the 13th and Predator receiving NES adaptations.

Coming in dead last on our list is the 8-bit Freddy Krueger seen in the NES adaptation of A Nightmare on Elm Street. For starters, he’s been neutered beyond belief. Gone is the Freddy who rips off his own face and eviscerates teenagers. Instead, we get a Freddy who turns into a giant hand or head on a ball and can only walk back and forth across the screen. He’s also the only interpretation of the character to get his butt kicked by a dude wearing spandex.