Every CW Star: Who Are They Dating?

The CW is in a midst of renaissance. The network that started out as a joke for many has become one of the most consistent and creative broadcast networks.

The CW, more than pretty much every other main network, inspired passion and devotion from its viewers. A lot of this has to do with the overall quality of its various series.

Yet, part of the CW fandom is recognizing and acknowledging that its stars are ridiculously attractive. A prerequisite to being on The CW, no matter what level of character, seems to be conventionally hot.

Given the high degree of attractiveness, there’s some natural curiosity about the personal lives the CW stars. The top of most people’s intrusive wondering about CW stars is about who they might be dating. Even though, realistically, no CW viewer has a chance at landing up with their favorite show’s actors (or actresses) they can’t help but wonder.

So, we’re here to provide you a comprehensible list letting you know which stars are dating, married and single.

Of course, you will notice some big omissions from the list right away. None of the stars from the Arrowverse, which seems to be The CW’s main creative focus, are included. If you want to read about who the CW stars are dating you can do so with our list detailing almost all their romantic histories.

So, without further ado here is Every CW Star: Who Are They Dating?

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20 Madelaine Petsch: Dating Travis Mills

Madelaine Petsch plays one of the CW’s more notable LGBTQ characters,  Cheryl Blossom, on Riverdale. On the show Cheryl is dating Toni Topaz, who is played by Petsch's long-time friend, Vanessa Morgan.

In her personal life though, Petsch is known for dating (male) musicians. Currently, the actress is with singer Travis Mills. The two are rather public with their romance as Petsch frequently posts pictures and videos of them together on social media.

The pair have appeared in many challenge videos on Petsch's YouTube channel. 

Previously though Petsch dated musician Aaron Carter in 2014. The two only dated for a couple months, but Carter claimed that recent music he made was about the actress (probably for the free publicity). Mills, unsurprisingly, told Carter to back off and stop it.

19 Nathalie Kelley: Married to Jordan Burrows

One of the main stars of The CW’s Dynasty reboot has a love life that’s nearly as wild as her character. Although there probably isn’t nearly as much backstabbing, scheming and attempting to end someone.

Nathalie Kelley, also known for The Vampire Diaries, plays Cristal Flores on Dynasty. The actress got married to her husband, Jordan “Jordy” Burrows just a month after they announced their engagement.

This alone isn’t that strange. However, Kelley’s marriage to Burrows happened just a few months after she broke up with long-time boyfriend and Vampire Diaries star, Zach Roerig.

For their part Kelley and Burrows seem very happy together, always appearing in each other’s Instagram feeds. Although that happiness only makes sense given their evidently passionate and unexpected affair.

There’s a real chance they could stay together too as Jordy isn’t an actor or involved in the Hollywood industry in any real way.

18 Nina Dobrev: Currently Single

Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries

Though Nina Dobrev is slowly transitioning her way into becoming a moviestar, she did get her start on The CW. As Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries, Dobrev was one of the network’s biggest stars for a time.

The actress isn't currently seeing anyone. However, she has a long list of rather famous ex-boyfriends.

Dobrev’s most recent boyfriend was actor Glen Powell. It’s unclear how the two met, but their stars are both on the rise with Powell landing roles in Hidden Figures and The Expendables. Nina and Glen dated from 2016 to 2017, but broke things off because she got too busy.

Dobrev was rumored to be briefly dating Liam Hemsworth.

Although, her most famous ex was her Vampire Diaries co-star, Ian Somerhalder.

The two got together while filming the CW soap and stayed together for three years. Although they split in 2013, their characters still stayed together, ultimately ending up with one another in the series finale.

17 Aly Michalka: Married to Stephen Ringer

Unlike many CW stars, Aly Michalka joined iZombie as a well-know actress.  She had rose to fame as half of a musical duo act with her sister, AJ, with the aptly named Aly & AJ.

Although AJ is also an actress, Aly is the slightly more successful sister. She's had roles in Easy A and Two and a Half Man. It’s during her career pre-iZombie Aly met her husband, Stephen Ringer.

On the set of independent movie, Sequoia, Michalka met one of the movie’s producers, Stephen Ringer. The couple dated for two years, got engaged in 2014 and got married in 2015.

The couple worked together again on the movie Weepah Way for Now. Ringer directed and wrote that film, while Aly starred, alongside with her sister AJ.

16 Daniel Gillies: Married to Rachael Leigh Cook

As the vampire Elijah, first on The Vampire Diaries and then on The Originals, Daniel Gillies is one of The CW’s bigger heartthrobs. However, he’s married to a teenage sweetheart of yesteryear.

For over a decade, Daniel Gillies has been with actress Rachael Leigh Cook.

Shortly after Rachael Leigh Cook had her breakout role in She’s All That the two met at a bar in 2004. After only a handful of months together, they were engaged and married. Their courtship was over fast, but their marriage hasn’t been quick.

The two have been together ever since and have two children together.

Since their children were born, Cook has sort of faded from the spotlight. She still works, but its more in the realm of voice acting and the occasional TV movie.

Gillies’ career continues to blossom though as he expands into other TV shows, beyond The Vampire Diaries universe.

15 Rachel Bloom: Married to Dan Gregor

As Rebecca on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom plays one of the more desperate and unlucky in love characters on TV. Rebecca is a bit of a mess, if an empathetic one.

Rachel Bloom, on the other hand, has been in a happy and successful relationship since 2009.

Bloom and Gregor work together on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Gregor has written 3 episodes for the series and portrays Dr. Roth.

Before she made a big on The CW, Bloom met writer Dan Gregor, while they were both working with UCB. Shortly after they began dating, Dan received his first big writing job on How I Met Your Mother. Gregor joined How I Met Your Mother in 2013 and stayed with the series until 2016.

It’s probably because of his job as writer that Bloom appeared (briefly) in a season 7 episode of the sitcom (as a drunk girl who throws a drink at Ted).

14 Blake Lively: Married to Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively might not seem like a CW star. However, the actress most certainly is a member of the CW family. In fact, Lively could be considered the CW’s first (and biggest star to date).

Lively’s series, Gossip Girl was one of the network’s first original series that they didn’t acquire from The WB or UPN.

Lively went from Gossip Girl to movies. It’s on the set of one of her first big films, the maligned Green Lantern, where she met her husband Ryan Reynolds. The two played love interests Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris in the movie.

They were both seeing different people at the time, but eventually became a couple in 2011. They married a year later in 2012 and now have two daughters.

13 Bob Morley: Dating Arryn Zech

As Bellamy Blake, Bob Morley is one of the big “teen” heartthrobs on The 100, even though the actor is in 30’s. Bellamy is the subject of many fangirl’s dreams, but he’s been in a committed relationship to voice actress Arryn Zech since 2015.

The two are private and aren’t seen together a lot in public.

Although, that could just be that outside his own world of The CW, Morley isn’t incredibly famous. Meanwhile, most of Zech’s fans have no idea what she looks like as she’s primarily does voice work.

The 100 is Morley’s first big American role since getting his start in Australia. Zech has been steadily working in voice acting appearing in a number of productions for Rooster Teeth including RWBY and Red vs. Blue.

12 Cole Sprouse: Dating Lili Reinhart

While their relationship has been in the rumour pile for quite some time. For months there’s been hints that Riverdale stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart were dating in real life.

The two play Jughead Jones  and Betty Cooper, respectively, which is one of Riverdale’s biggest and most popular relationships.

Sprouse and Reinhart aren’t the first actors who play a couple ton TV that fans have wanted to see together in real life.

The two spend awful lot of time together, including taking a vacation to Paris together. The pair confirmed their relationship when they attended the Met Gala as each other's dates.

We're pretty sure there are a lot of Bughead shippers that are happy about this reveal.

11 Robert Buckley: Married to Jenny Wade

Robert Buckley currently stars as the awesomely named Major Lilywhite on iZombie. Although his breakout role was on One Tree Hill, another CW show, it’s Major on iZombie that’s the much better use of Buckley.

However, Buckley is also married to a CW actress of the past, Jenny Wade.

Jenny Wade has never really made it as big as her husband. However, she has bounced around to several different series. The most notable of them is a recurring role on cult hit Reaper, where she played Nina.

Wade and Buckley were married in May of 2018, surprising fans with the news.

The two kept their relationship mostly under wraps before their annoucement and it’s unclear how long they were dating, before their wedding. Previously Buckley had dated Glee’s Lea Michele, who also got engaged in 2018.

10 Marie Avgeropoulos: Single

The 100 Season 4 Finale Octavia Blake

The 100’s Grounder warrior princess and current “Red Queen,” Octavia Blake has been through quite an ordeal on the series. It’s a journey that actress Marie Avgeropoulos has brought to life beautifully (albeit with a lot of on-screen violence).

Averpoulos’ character Octavia has had tragic love life. Everyone she’s hooked up with has perished horribly (so far). Avgeropoulos’ own love life is nowhere near as depressing. She is, however, currently single and unattached. Yet, she does have a rather famous ex-boyfriend.

At the height of his popularity, coming out of the Twilight franchise, Marie Averopoulos dated Taylor Lautner. The two met on the set of the movie Tracers, which precisely no one remembers.

They dated for almost two years before breaking it off. In fact, it’s as Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend that Marie Averopoulos first really came into the public eye.

9 Clarie Holt: Engaged to Andrew Joblon

CW stars’ evidently enjoy their whirlwind romances. Claire Holt is known to CW audiences at Rebekah Mikaelson on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

Rebekah is the only daughter in a family full of powerful vampire brothers and that’s typically gotten herself into a lot of trouble, romantic and otherwise.

Holt’s own romantic life doesn’t involve any immortal, over-protective brothers, but there is some bit of drama. Claire Holt got married to producer Michael Kaplan in 2016.

One day shy of their one-year wedding anniversary, Kaplan filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Andrew Joblon was previously linked to actress Amanda Seyfried.

Three months later, Holt started dating Andrew Joblon. Four months later, in December of 2017, the two got engaged. There’s been no wedding yet, so evidently they aren't rushing everything.

8 Camila Mendes: Single (Maybe)

Riverdale Veronica Lodge Cheerleader

Riverdale is Camila Mendes’ first acting gig, period. Before landing the role of Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, the actress had no other credits to her name, at least not in the realm of TV or film.

Anyone who has watched Riverdale can attest to Mendes’ talent and star power but given her new popularity, not much is known about the actress’ personal life.

In 2016, she was dating director Ian Wallace. This information was obtained from her Instagram account. Yet shortly after Riverdale premiered, Mendes deleted the post.

This could mean that Mendes and Wallace broke up or that the actress just doesn’t want people to know who she’s dating, just like co-stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart.

However, there’s a better chance that Wallace and Mendes aren't together at all. The actress is very present on social media and there has been no visible significant other for years.

7 Joseph Morgan: Married to Persia White

It’s probably that not shocking that a lot of CW stars end up hooking up with one another. They’re (usually) young and (almost always) stunningly attractive. They’re spending a lot of time together on set too.

Yet the pairing of The Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan and Persia White is one of the more surprising couplings, simply because their characters almost never interacted.

Joseph Morgan played Klaus on The Vampire Diaries and he eventually spun off onto his own series, The Originals.

Meanwhile, Persia White played Abby Bennett Wilson, the mother of one Vampire Diaries’ main “teenage” characters, Bonnie Bennett.

The two dated for three years and then got married in 2014. They have no children together, but Morgan is the stepfather to White’s daughter from a previous relationship.

6 Gina Rodriguez: Dating Joe LoCicero

As Jane Villanueva, Gina Rodriguez is almost always in a love triangle on Jane the Virgin. Whether it’s between Michael and Rafael, Adam and Rafael or Michael and Rafael (again) Jane is stuck.

Yet Rodriguez used the series to meet her current love and he’s not an actor whose played any of her many love interests.

Maybe we'll see a love square form between Jane, Rafael, Michael and Joe's character. 

Joe LoCicero appeared in season 2 of Jane the Virgin as a exotic dancer dressed like Don Quixote. The stripper was hired for Jane’s Bachelorette party. Jane wasn’t too impressed, but Gina felt differently.

The two met on-set, but later ran into each other at the gym and have been dating since 2016.

Being Gina Rodriguez’ boyfriend has allowed Joe to appear multiple times as Jane the Virgin’s resident random exotic dancer character.

5 Eliza Taylor: Single

The CW loves to hire Australian actors for its big stars, but Aussie Eliza Taylor is one of the most prominent. Taylor plays the face and main character of The 100, Clarke Griffin.

Clarke is also one of TV's most notable bisexual leads as she has been romantically attached to male and female characters.

However, Eliza Taylor’s romantic history has been all men. The actress has dated a couple well-known Australian actors including Brett Tucker (he starred in Spartacus and Thor: The Dark World) and Lincoln Lewis.

Currently though Taylor is romantically unattached. She’s single and trying to use her role on The 100 to break in to the American entertainment industry, moving on from her years of work overseas in Australia.

4 Candice King: Married to Joe King

About halfway through The Vampire Diaries, fans would’ve noticed that one actress’ name changed in the credits. Candice Accola, who played Caroline, became Candice King.

This is because the actress met, got engaged and married her husband Joe King. Joe King is one of the musicians who make up The Fray.

The actress and the musician met after a Super Bowl event in February 2012. They became engaged a little over a year later and were married in 2014. Joe King had been married before, when he was just 19, and had two daughters with his first wife.

However, in 2015, Candice and Joe had a daughter of their own.

It’s this pregnancy that required Candice King’s character, Caroline, to become pregnant herself. This is no small feat, as her character was a vampire about to have a baby.

3 K.J. Apa: Single

Riverdale Archie Andrews letterman jacket

As Riverdale’s stupidly attractive Archie Andrews, K.J. Apa has had a lot of on-screen love interests. In just two season, Archie has been attached to Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Valerie Brown and even his own teacher, Geraldine Grundy.

Evidently, K.J. Apa isn’t nearly as busy as his TV counterpart. There were rumors that the 20-year-old actor was dating a 16-year-old in New Zealand.

However, those rumors seem to be unsubstantiated. According to Apa, he’s single and just focusing on being the lead of Riverdale not on anything else romantic.

Apa is set to star in the Netflix movie The Last Summer.  

Although like most of his Riverdale cast mates, Apa could just be concerned with keeping his love life between himself and whoever he’s dating.

Despite the burgeoning popularity of the series, the cast has done a very good job of keeping those things that they want hidden, hidden.

2 Jared Padalecki: Married to Genevieve Cortese

Now we arrive to the first of The CW’s two reigning kings. Supernatural is the flagship series for The CW and will likely outlive us all.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester is one of the two wheels that keep the never-ending motorbike that is Supernatural running. It’s also due to Supernatural that Padalecki met his wife and the mother of his children.

In Supernatural season 4, Genevieve Cortese was cast as the

demon Ruby. She was the new vessel for the character. The previous body for Ruby was destroyed in season 3 and had been played by Katie Cassidy.

As Ruby, Cortese, slowly allured Padalecki’s Sam Winchester. The romance happened on and off camera.

Ruby was cut off (properly) in season 5, but Cortese and Padalecki’s relationship continued. They got married in 2010. Cortese, who took her husband’s name, has mostly retired from acting and instead raises the couple’s three children.

1 Jensen Ackles: Married to Danneel Ackles

On the other side of the Supernatural coin, there’s Jensen Ackles. Ackles plays Dean Winchester, the brother of Sam, and Supernatural’s other main lead.

Ackles didn’t meet his wife Danneel, on the set of Supernatural. Although she is another CW star, first appearing on One Tree Hill and eventually landing a recurring role on Supernatural.

It’s unclear when the two first started dating, but they have been together a long time when they were married in 2009. Since then, much like Ackles' co-star and his wife, they’ve had three children together.

Although where Padalecki and Cortese have two boys and a girl, Ackles and his wife have two girls and a boy. Ackles’ children also have some unique names like Arrow, Zeppelin and Justice.

Although that’s probably expected when the couples’ names are Daneel and Jensen.


Who are some of your favorite CW star couples? Did we miss any big ones? Sound off in the comments!

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