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TED Talks: Paul Scheer

Paul Scheer joins the ranks of President Clinton, Bill Gates, & Bono by becoming a TED talk speaker and highlighting a truly worrisome trend: honey as a dipping sauce. NO.


Ralph McQuarrie Interview: The Star Wars Gallery


In this special featurette from the Lucasfilm vault, Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie discusses his work and paintings that helped to visually define a galaxy far, far away, and bring George Lucas' vision to life. In his early meetings with Lucas, the filmmaker hired McQuarrie to create some illustrations that would help visualize his script for the movie studio. McQuarrie began work the same day, and soon, Star Wars was a go. To his surprise, many sequences from the film looked exactly like his concept paintings, which included initial designs for C-3PO and R2-D2, Darth Vader, the Millennium Falcon, and others, all seen in this video.


We Are Young

Funny Or Die premieres We Are Young: a feature-length comedy about being drunk, nervous, weird and in love.

The film stars Funny Or Die writer/producer/director Alex Richanbach, who wrote and directed it as a passion project. “Four years ago, I wrote a note to myself that said ‘We Are Invincible, for We Are Young,’” Richanbach said. “That line stuck with me, and I went about trying to make a movie that conveyed that feeling.”

We Are Young marked Richanbach’s foray into Hollywood. After working as a production assistant on Step Brothers, he sent a copy of We Are Young to Mosaic’s Josh Church, who championed the film and encouraged Richanbach to set up an industry screening on his own dime. The screening opened doors for Richanbach, leading him to Funny Or Die.

We Are Young was produced by Richanbach, Church, Lindsay Burton and Josh Salzberg. After a two-week free run on Funny Or Die, it will play in theaters in select cities, including Los Angeles and New York:

We Are Young

Two week exclusive on Funny Or Die before it's in theaters.


Bane vs. Batman... on the golf course

bane batman golf

"Oh. You think the putter is your ally? I was born with it!"

Thanks to SR reader Christopher Agar for sharing.

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