'Everly' Trailer: Salma Hayek Fights Off an Army of Yakuza

Salma Hayek Everly

Plenty of great movies have been set in one location, but Joe Lynch's upcoming bloody action flick Everly looks rather less cerebral than 12 Angry Men. Salma Hayek plays the titular character: a woman who finds herself fighting a guerilla war in her apartment against an army of assassins after her angry ex, a Yakuza boss, promises her that she won't leave the building alive.

Everly happens to disagree with this prediction, especially since her mother and daughter are also in danger, and is prepared to disprove her ex with however many bullets it takes. The first trailer for Everly is a barrage of gunfire and fight scenes interspersed with the occasional bit of dialogue, as the mob boss sends wave upon wave of Yakuza into the apartment, only for each of them to be cut down, gunned down or blown up.

The script for Everly, penned by newcomer Yale Hannon, was on the Hollywood Black List of most liked scripts in 2010 and was produced by Radius-TWC, who will distribute it using a multi-platform strategy (don't be surprised if it ends up on Netflix, with whom Radius-TWC has an output deal). This particular trailer was originally shown at Comic-Con 2014, where Lynch explained that the movie was filmed chronologically so that the room could be seen to degrade and become battle-worn in the same way that Hayek's character does.

Everly premiered at Fantastic Fest earlier this year and was met with a handful of positive reviews, but so far there has been very little in the way of marketing for it. Lynch's previous films include LARPing comedy Knights of Badassdom and a very cool comic book short called Venom: Truth in Journalism, which mimicked the style of Man Bites Dog.

Salma Hayek Everly

For those who love action movies with a simple premise and are intrigued by the notion of seeing one set entirely in one location, Everly definitely looks like a nice chunk of entertainment to help kick off 2015.

Everly is set for VOD release on January 23rd, 2015, and limited theatrical release on February 27th.

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