Even More X-Files Movie Details

It has been a busy week when it comes to news on the new X-Files movie. Today we received an email from Holly at with some interesting information.

The site has some pictures of houses in Pemberton that will be used in the film. I know, I know, how is that newsworthy? Well it's not really, however what is interesting are the details that you can get from the call sheets that have been photographed from the set.

The sheets let us know that all of the main cast members will be present and correct. First up on the call sheet is Bobby Wingood, who is assumed to be David Duchovny and Marylin Ramsey, who is probably Gillian Anderson.

Also we learn that Billy Connolly is on set - possibly playing the character of Father Joe. Is he a priest? Is he somebody's dad? We will find out soon.

Amanda Peet will possibly play Assistant Special Agent in Charge Whitney and Xzibit may be Agent Drummy while Callum Keith Rennie and Fagin Woodcock (what an unfortunate name) will be "Abductors".

Now to get a bit spoilerific:






Father Joe uncovers a dead body and the abductors are trying to abduct the character of Monica, played by Xantha Radley.

How much of this information has been put out there to throw us off the scent? Only Chris Carter knows, but if it's real its an interesting scoop.

As to how this connects to that X-Files picture from last week? I have no idea.

The truth is slowly but surely getting out there, so stay tuned to Screen Rant for further developments.

X-Files 2 opens on July 25th, 2008.


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