Even More Terminator 4 Updates

No less than 24 hours after our own Niall Browne reported the latest on Terminator 4, Cinema Blend has posted some new plot details (via their own longtime "insider").

According to their source:

"Just like the 'Star Wars' prequels when it was the relationship between Anakin and Obi Wan that drove the three films, that's the concept for the new Terminator films when its between the relationship of Kyle and John, who is really father and son but with the moral dilemma with John knowing what has to be done in order for him to be born."

Hopefully, that doesn't include wooden acting and corny dialog.

We can also expect an "evolution" of the terminator models (presumably including Sam Worthington; supposedly the lead character of the trilogy). Not to mention, McG & Co. might even go as far as to connect this new trilogy to the currently running Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles television series(!) Uh, no thanks guys - stick to the films.

And while long-time Terminator make-up artist Jeff Dawn revealed that he'll be unavailable for the fourth installment. He nonetheless confirmed that effects-wizard (and longtime Terminator collaborator) Stan Winston will return!

I find myself amazed by how this film sounds more interesting by the day. Now if only they can come up with a better title.

Source: Cinema Blend and The Arnold Fans

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