Even MORE Commercials in Movie Theaters on the Way?

Incredible. Six months ago I posted about commercials in movie theaters... Since then box office receipts have been down and now USA Today runs an article stating that spending on commercials to be shown in movie theaters will increase by 15% per year, each year through 2008.

Now I don't believe that this means that there will be more time devoted to commercials before movies (at least I hope not), but that perhaps advertisers will spend the money on more creative ways of producing ads.

Already there are instances with 20 minutes of advertising, sometimes masquerading as entertainment news or short films. I can't imagine they'd go longer than that, but then again 15 years ago I'd never imagine that I'd have to sit through commercials at all after having paid for a movie ticket.

It would be one thing if ticket prices would drop or increase at a slower rate with the addition of commercials, but they haven't. Prices continue to rise and we get more and more commercials.

I wonder how much of a drop in audiences theater chains will stomach before they get a clue.

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