Even Cars Voice Actors Don't Understand The Movie's Universe

The cast members of Cars 3 discuss some of the bigger philosophical questions about the Cars universe and how very little sense it makes.

The Cars franchise has been a very lucrative and popular one for Disney and Pixar, now in its third film, but the actors still joke about how the universe, where everyone is a car, doesn't make any sense. Cars 3 is now in theaters, and even if critics didn't love the first two entries as much as other Pixar offerings, each installment has been a box office hit, not to mention the huge volume of toys its sold from clothes to backpacks to matchbox cars to Lightning McQueen race car beds.

The Cars universe, like that of Toy Story and various other Pixar properties, features a world in which every character is a certain inanimate object. Not only is race car Lightning McQueen a sentient car, but so are his competitors and every spectator at the race -  so is every other character in the world. And because of this, a lot of people have asked a lot of questions about how things work in that universe.

In a new video from Mashable, a group of actors with speaking roles as cars in Cars 3, including Owen Wilson, Kerry Washington, Cristela Alonzo and many others, pose some of the questions posed by the Cars universe- and they don’t come up with many easy answers.