Even Bond 22 Writer Confused By Quantum Of Solace

In an interview with MTV, Bond 22 scribe Paul Haggis expressed confusion regarding the title of the movie based on his screenplay, Quantum of Solace.

He told them that he "had no idea" what the title meant, following up with "it's not my title." When asked what he thought of the title for the film he just said "no comment" and according to MTV, then sighed.

I've never liked the title and I still don't, although that has no bearing on the quality of the movie, which I'm hoping will be excellent. I just find it odd and awkward. Yes, I know it's based on an Ian Fleming short story, but based on the above comments by Haggis, I get the impression it has nothing to do with that story - so why use that oddball title?

Source: MTV

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