EVE Online's Next Expansion Is Its Most Unique Yet

The next expansion for EVE Online is called Into the Abyss and it may be the most interesting addition to the long-running MMO yet. Announced today during the keynote presentation on day one of EVE Fanfest 2018, Into the Abyss releases May 29, 2018 and is free for all players. It expands the lore of the game, adding an entirely new environment to the game. And no, this isn't just a new adventure playing with wormholes!

Into the Abyss adds exploration and survival gameplay in the form of Abyssal Deadspace, a brand new hostile environment filled with hazardous environmental effects and mysterious adversaries known as the Triglavian Collective. Players can enter pockets of Abyssal Deadspace from almost anywhere in New Eden to explore the strange new space and its unique visuals.

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Players must fight and explore their way through a series of unpredictable encounters, using their skills to take on growing risks in the hope of coming out the other side with high value cargo which includes lots of neat stuff never before seen in EVE Online. Players can discover skills and blueprints for Triglavian players to build and fly their own Triglavian ships. The Triglavian ships are highly armored and come in these classes: Demavik (frigate), Vedmak (cruiser), Leshak (battleship).

And with all these additions comes an all-new base weapon system. The Entropic Disintegrator. This unique weapon has similar basic attributes and tracking as regular turrets but they're defined by the fact that as they keep firing on a target, they increase damage output with each cycle, up to 50% more damage as the cap. The tradeoff here is that these weapons have no falloff range so once they stop firing, you start fresh. They only take one slot instead of an entire rack which plays into the unique design of Triglavian ships.

EVE Online Introduces Module Transformation Via Mutaplasmids

But there's even more to Abyssal Deadspace. Players will be searching for mutaplasmids which can be combined with existing modules to transform them into Abyssal modules, potentially increasing their power vastly or breaking them beyond repair. This combination of items re-rolls stats and can be terribly risky if used on higher-level or rarer items.

But the rewards can be game-changing and the richest collectors of New Eden are going to have a tough time keeping up. The other risk of course is that as players get deeper into Abyssal Deadspace, the challenge scales up.

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CCP’s Chief Executive Officer:

“At CCP, our mission is to build together with our players a true virtual world, with real relationships and real emotions and consequently, real stories. With EVE Online remaining strong and vibrant after 15 years, we have made great strides towards realizing that ambition. Nevertheless, I truly feel that our best work is ahead of us and that EVE’s amazing single-shard sandbox design will continue to dazzle, amaze and eventually outlive us all.”

Here's a video from CCP Games celebrating 15 years. There are all sorts of in-game rewards coming to players who are active leading up to the May anniversary, and even more for Omega (subscriber) players.

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