EVE Invasion World Tour Begins This Weekend as CCP Games Warps to EVEsterdam

CCP Games, makers of the groundbreaking space MMO EVE Online begin their tour of fan-focused events around the world this weekend in Amsterdam.

EVEsterdam 2019 EVE Online Art

In any other year players of EVE Online might be planning their annual trip to Reykjavik, the Capital of Iceland, right now for the mighty and memorable EVE Fanfest event but in 2019 developer and host of this gathering, CCP games, is doing something different.

Instead of bringing players from around the world to Iceland where CCP Games HQ resides, the developer is touring the world, attending and bolstering what are usually smaller fan events. The "EVE Invasion World Tour" as it's called, begins this weekend in Amsterdam, or shall we say, EVEsterdam, and we'll be there.

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CCP Games just unveiled more details for EVEsterdam, the first leg of the EVE Invasion World Tour. The event, hosted in the beautiful Capital of the Netherlands, will feature announcements (game balance updates, future plans, etc.), developer roundtables, live streams, the Invasion Tournament Series, unique in-game rewards and stellar parties - the kind that only CCP and its fans can throw.

Tickets for EVEsterdam are still available here, and details on who from CCP Games will be attending and what the schedule looks like can be found here (and on page 2 of this article).

Bergur ("CCP Burger") Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director:

“The EVE Invasion World Tour will both celebrate EVE Online’s magnificent history and salute the game’s glorious future. Kicking off with EVEsterdam, attendees will see first-hand how we’re strengthening the core of EVE Online, as well as how we use our community’s feedback to improve overall game balance. We will be also revealing our commitment to future technological advancements that will help us ensure EVE is forever. Over the course of the World Tour, we will ultimately present our vision for the next decade of EVE Online.”

EVE Online Invasion World Tour 2019

The other upcoming events on the 2019 EVE Invasion World Tour include:

  • EVE Russia (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation), May 4 @ Akakao.
  • EVE Down Under (Sydney, Australia), May 23-26 @ SMC Centre.
  • EVE North (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) June 21-23 @ Delta Marriott.
  • Fanfest HOME (Player’s home, Finland), August 23 @ Kimitoön.
  • G-fleet Berlin (Berlin, Germany), September 13-14 @ AltMünze.
  • EVE Vegas (Las Vegas, USA), October 25-27 @ venue to be announced.
  • EVE London (London, UK), November 23 @ Indigo at the 02 Arena.

EVE Vegas is the other big one that happens annually like EVE Fanfest in Iceland. We attended this one in 2018 and got our first hands-on time with CCP's long-in-development shooter and spiritual successor to DUST 514, titled Project Nova, which has since been sent back to drawing board.

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