The Disney Channel has come out with a lot of television over the past twenty or so years – some works standing out as far better than others.

Even Stevens, also known as the source of Shia LeBoeuf’s breakout role as Louis Stevens, is undoubtedly considered one of the network’s better television series.

From Louis Stevens’ endearing yet oftentimes disturbing relationship with his sister, Ren, played by actor Christy Carlson Romano, to the hilarious and abusive goings-on at Lawrence Junior High School, this early-2000’s Disney Channel classic continues to entertain us.

Of course, though, as with any Disney Channel television show, there is bound to be some dark secrets hiding just beyond the surface of Even Stevens’s clean and seemingly innocent façade. Most obviously, we will always wonder if starring in the show played any part in Shia LeBoeuf’s post-Even Stevens antics as a teen/young adult. And did you know that the Disney Channel has a tradition of pushing its young stars into a singing career – which explains why there are so many music-oriented episodes throughout the run of the series?

As goofy and enjoyable as Even Stevens was to our tween selves, there are inevitably some dark secrets looming behind the show.

Read on for the 15 Dark Secrets Behind Even Stevens.

15. Shia Laboeuf Doesn’t Hang With His Disney Channel Co-Stars Anymore

Shia Labeouf and CoStars Singing Down Hallway in Even Stevens 15 Dark Secrets Behind Even Stevens

Despite Ren and Louis’s constant clashing, we always knew that at the end of the day, they really did love each other. In fact, the Stevens family, despite their dysfunction, were actually a pretty adorable bunch!

Sadly, this did not play out in as seamless of a way in real life. Although some cast members do still see each other, Christy Carlson Romano revealed in an interview that she hadn’t spoken to Shia Labeouf since 2008 – although she did speak of him still in favorable terms.

In terms of other cast members being in touch with Labeouf, the possibility seems unlikely. Although Tom Virtue, who played Louis’s dad as Steve Stevens, starred in a minor role alongside Labeouf in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, they never even appeared in the same scene, so it is unlikely that they even saw each other again.

14. Coach Terry Tugnut Was A Name Made For Cheap Laughs

Jim Wise as Coach Terry Tugnut in Even Stevens 15 Dark Secrets Behind Even Stevens

Possibly one of the most iconic characters that stars in Even Stevens is Coach Terry Tugnut, the slightly horrible yet hilarious gym teacher at Laurence Junior High. From the emotional and sometimes even physical abuse he imparts on his students, to the ridiculous ideas and turns of phrase that come out of his mouth, Coach Terry Tugnut provides some of the show’s more inappropriate comic relief.

In fact, in an interview with MTV, Jim Wise, the actor who portrays Tugnut, admitted that the name Tugnut is most likely a double entendre, claiming that “the Disney Channel executives loved that stuff.”

While some may be surprised by the dark humor behind some Disney Channel masterminds, those who are familiar with some of Disney’s older stuff will know that this is nothing new. There are several hypotheses surrounding possible sexual innuendos in films like The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, and The Rescuers.