Evan Rachel Wood Says Audience Is Meant To Figure Out Westworld Twists

Evan Rachel Wood The Bicameral Mind

Apparently, fans are supposed to figure out Westworld's plot twists — at least, according to star Evan Rachel Wood. The sci-fi showpiece, which made its debut last fall, was trailed by rampant theories throughout season 1, most of which ultimately proved true. It told an elaborate story, but somehow, eagle-eyed fans pieced together each of the show's veiled clues, and more often than not, figured out the big reveals before they aired.

Wood, for her part, found out at least one of them on accident: After asking a question about why a gun prop was in a particular scene, a crew member told her it was "part of a completely different timeline," revealing, as viewers later saw, that the show operated on two timelines. She later explained that it ultimately helped inform the rest of her performance, so the spoiler was welcome. Evidently, that's true for fans too.

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In an interview with Vulture tied to her upcoming indie thriller A Worthy Companion, Wood said that she also figured out Westworld's season 2 twist, but she (and audiences) are supposed to. As she told the outlet:

Westworld Dolores Shocked Evan Rachel Wood

"Usually I’m like, “Okay, I think I have an idea of where this is going,” and then the payoff is always so incredible, so much bigger than I could ever imagine. I think the same goes for the audience — you’re supposed to figure out the show, and even if you do, it’s okay because the payoff will always be way more than you could ever dream up."

Which makes sense, because it's sort of like solving a mystery: Whether you figured out the answer immediately or late in the game, knowing your were right is still satisfying when everything is said and done. And if you didn't figure it out, well then you just got a mind-blowing episode of television.

Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, however, don't seem to want to give everything away. During a Paley Fest panel back in March, Nolan admitted that Reddit users had already discerned a third episode twist, so they rewrote it. What it sounds like, then, is that Westworld writers don't mind giving some story away, but obviously, they don't want the entire plot ruined. So, yes, beating them to the punch should warrant a big payoff (or at the very least, a pat on the back), but expect season 2's secrets to be buried even deeper.

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Westworld returns for season 2 in spring 2018 on HBO.

Source: Vulture

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