Eva Longoria To Play The Wasp In Avengers Movie?

The LA Times is reporting that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker was recently photographed leaving Marvel Studios "clutching a business card and some comic books in her hand."

We'll give you three guesses as to which comic books she was carrying... No, it wasn't She-Hulk or Spider-Woman.

That's right folks, it was The Avengers.

And unless Marvel has some gender-bending plans for the role of Captain America, the only role in Avengers that Longoria could be up for would be that of socialite-turned-adventurer, Janet Van Dyne, also known as The Wasp (since it's not likely they'll include Scarlet Witch).

First point of order: Eva Longoria Parker as an actress. Common sense kept me from seeing The Sentinel, which was pretty much her only big-screen role, but her work on Desperate Housewives (not that I've actually watched that show, ahem,) suggests that she can play a debutant socialite pretty well. Her capacity for dramatic action and gravitas? Eh, I can't really say (definitely no problems in the looks department, though).

Second point of order: if an actress like Eva Longoria snags this role, are she and/or Marvel crazy enough to use her A-list clout to try and shake a Wasp franchise out of this? Please say no. (A real sneaky move would be to tack the Wasp onto the Ant-man movie that is already in the works.)

The Wasp

Final point of order: if Marvel really is eyeing Eva Longoria for the role, what version of Janet Van Dyne are we going to get from this movie?

It's been no secret that Marvel is eyeing A-List actors in order to make Avengers a Dark Knight-style $mash - but whenever you start hearing which kind of actors might be involved with a project, deeper filmic elements like tone and character do come into question.

My feeling: Longoria would be best suited for the modern, sassy CEO, "I might be little, but I can still whup ass," version of the Wasp. Instead of slugging things out like the boys, she fights small, and she fights smart. Off the job, she keeps the boys in line and in her own way, runs the show.

[Marvel, I know I have no say whatsoever, but I don't recommend going in any other direction with the character than the way proposed above. At least, not with Longoria.]

However, even as I write this I have to admit, the image of Eva Longoria Parker playing the Wasp is already settling into my mind; and truth be told, I'm OK with it.

Wow. I just opened myself up to a WHOLE LOT of daggers. Well have at it, and let us know what you think of Eva Longoria Parker possibly playing the Wasp in Avengers.

Source: The LA Times

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