The Craziest Performances of Eurovision 2018

Eurovision 2018 - Netta - Toy

This year, the countries of Europe (along with Australia and Israel, for some reason) came together to show off their talent in the Eurovision Song Contest. While the massive international competition has certainly turned out some talent over the years, it's better known for its cheesiness and the frequently flamboyant performances on display. Previous winners include Austria's own bearded lady, Conchita Wurst, Finland's monster-faced heavy metal band Lordi, and Celine Dion, who took home the prize for Switzerland in 1988.

The winner of this year's competition was Israel, represented by Netta with the pop number "Toy," after a tight race with top contenders like Austria and Cyprus. When it comes to Eurovision, the real winners are usually the performers who manage to leave the biggest impression on the audience - whether through amazing costumes, ambitious staging, sheer weirdness, or a combination of all three. So, here are the craziest performances that we saw at Eurovision 2018.

Ukraine's Vampire Rock

What better way to kick off Eurovision than with a Ukrainian man with one milky-white contact lens rising from a piano coffin? Melovin's opening number was suitably bombastic, with the aforementioned piano coffin raised up on a higher platform and the steps leading up to it on fire and pyrotechnics flaming all around the stage.

Czech Republic Shakes the Booty

Rocking suspenders, a bow tie, and a Richie Rich hairstyle, the Czech Republic's Mikolas Josef delivered a high-energy performance complete with synchronized booty-shaking and lyrics like "I know you bop-wop-a-lu on his wood bamboo." It's just a shame we never got to find out what was in that backpack.

Denmark Delivers Vikings

No, that's not Tormund from Game of Thrones. That's Danish singer Rasmussen, whose performance of Viking anthem "Higher Ground" featured an entourage of long-haired, heavily-bearded adventurers, a somewhat awkward step-dance, and a flurry of faux snow. They might have a little trouble pulling off a real Viking raid, but at least they found a way to invade our hearts.

Moldova's Magic Show

Moldova's DoReDos easily take home the prize for best staging with this charming little magic show, which features body doubles and gravity-defying choreography via a screen full of windows and doors. It may not have been their "Lucky Day" at Eurovision this year, but at least they turned in one of the evening's most memorable performances.

Israel Is Not Your Toy

Featuring a backdrop of waving fortune cats, lots of chicken noises and chicken arms, and lyrics like "I’m taking my Pikachu home/You’re stupid just like your smart phone," it was hard to know quite what to make of Israel's Eurovision entry. Nevertheless, it won over audiences enough to carry it all the way to the top spot and crown Netta Barzilai the Queen of Eurovision 2018.

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