Eureka Season Finale: Observations and Discussion

The Eureka season finale has come and gone.  As always, it entertained while gripping us with the character developments they so aptly throw into the works while destroying the world.

SPOILER warning: There are spoilers in this reflection on the season finale of Eureka. If you're a time traveling (ie: time-shifted viewer who likes the DVR/recording method of choice) let your eyeballs tread with caution after the page-break.

Things went as they usually do when something goes slightly awry in Eureka and all of known physics become threatened and the world as we know it becomes endangered.

Again, basic Eureka fun, with some interesting implied story lines for next season... or non-story lines.

But amongst the fret of threat, two, maybe three points were being addressed:

Zoe (Jordan Hinson) leaving for Harvard & Tess leaving for another job in Australia.

The episode ended with Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) strongly considering (it would seem) following Tess to Australia.

Obviously Tess is "headed to Australia" because Jamie Ray Newman who plays Tess is headed to the show called Eastwick (which is nowhere near Australia).  Eastwick is a rehash on the movie Witches of Eastwick.

So the two most important ladies in the Sheriff's life are leaving.  Grr.

I really liked the addition of Tess this season and I found myself being sad for Sheriff Carter.  Hasn't he been through enough crap?

And don't worry - despite the seemingly show-ending hints, another season of Eureka is coming at us.  Now, if the Syfy Channel would only come out and say exactly when Eureka is coming back for next season, that would be nice.

PS:  Not committing to an air date for the show after the season break really didn't set well with me in this last season, but I suspect the parent company of Syfy (NBC) is conducting marketing experiments with the Syfy Channel for their own usage on other networks.  And they discovered that they can get away with it since we, the faithful fans, will return.

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