Upcoming Eureka Episode To Be Directed By Joe Morton

It's awesome to see an actor take a professional interest in more than just being a character, and such is the case with Eureka's Joe Morton.  Joe plays Henry Deacon on the show.

Joe has directed before - an episode of TriBeCa, when he was on that show and an independent film titled Sunday on the Rocks.

The upcoming episode of Eureka (9/11/09) involves a virus that causes an ice age sort of environment (and the return of Matt Frewer).

But you'd better keep a careful eye out - Morton knows the TV series has a certain feel to it, and understanding that, he tried to add a few directorial tweaks of his own to this episode.

It will be interesting to watch, for sure!  I like actor-directed episodes.  The actors know how the show should tick and it gives them a chance to spread their professional wings in a different direction.

BTW, did anyone catch the Eureka marathon on Syfy?  It was an awesome collection of fan favorites.  It filled in all the holes for me from episodes that I missed.  I never knew that Sheriff Carter had to go back in time and walk away from his relationship with Allison. That was depressing...

Source:  Sci Fi Wire

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