What To Expect From Euphoria Season 2

Zendeya in Euphoria

Boundary-pushing HBO drama Euphoria is coming back for season 2. The Zendaya-starring series follows a group of California teens as events in their lives, both good and bad, connect them.

Euphoria is adapted from an Israeli TV series of the same name which ran for 10 episodes from 2012 to 2013. HBO's take was created by Sam Levinson (Assassination Nation), who wrote all eight episodes in season 1 and directed five of them. Euphoria is narrated by Rue (Zendaya), a recovering drug addict living somewhere in the California suburbs and her fellow students at East Highland high school: Jules, a new student at East Highland who is a risk-taker that loves hard despite a traumatic past; football star Nate, whose rage against the world and women, mostly, simmers right beneath the surface; Maddy, Nate's girlfriend and one of the most popular girls as school who basks in the attention; Cassie, Maddy's friend who fights to be recognized and appreciated for who she is rather than what she looks like; and Kat, who transforms from a shy friend of Maddy and Cassie's to a sex-positive, empowered young woman who seeks validation from much older men.

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Euphoria was renewed for season 2 in early July 2019, halfway through season 1. Currently, Levinson is expected to return as showrunner. Additionally, all of the Euphoria cast is expected to return, especially given where the season 1 finale left them.

Euphoria Season 2 Release Date

A release date for Euphoria season 2 has yet to be confirmed. Season 1 premiered on Sunday, June 16, 2019. It has gone on to be a popular summer series for HBO, meaning it's possible Euphoria season 2 could have a similar release window. Expect Euphoria season 2 to premiere at some point in 2020.

Euphoria Season 2 Story

The story of Euphoria's season 2 has yet to be confirmed. The season 1 finale left viewers with lots of questions that need answers, the biggest of which was Rue's health. At the end of the season, she relapsed after refusing to get on a train with Jules as a way to escape their suburban lives. The last moments of the season finale spiraled into a dreamlike music video that could possibly hint at Rue overdosing for a second time and even dying. Whether she's alive or not will need to be addressed (although will surely be revealed by Zendaya's likely return).

Euphoria season 2 will have to deal with Nate (Jacob Elordi), who suffered a mental and emotional breakdown shortly before the season finale's winter formal. He also broke up with his on-and-off-again girlfriend Maddy (Alexa Demie), who has compiled a CD's worth of incriminating evidence against Nate's father. Two other big open ends involve Cassie, who had an abortion shortly before winter formal after falling pregnant with her college boyfriend McKay's (Algee Smith) baby, and Fez, the dropout drug dealer who could possibly be killed for the robbery he committed in order to repay his supplier.

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