Exclusive Preview: Eternity Girl #3

Eternity Girl is one of the best new comics of 2018 and Screen Rant has an exclusive preview of issue #3 hitting store shelves and digital services this week. Part of DC's Young Animal imprint, Eternity Girl is a spinoff from the wild Milk Wars event and follows Caroline Sharp who is burdened with immortality and physical deformation.

The villainous Madame Atom can fix this problem. And all Caroline a.k.a. Chrysalis has to do is destroy the world, but not all is at is seems and there's more to Caroline's super powers than we knew.

While Eternity Girl and Madame Atom make their way to the mysterious Shining Tower that sits at the intersection of being and nothingness, Caroline’s old boss reveals a devastating secret about Eternity Girl’s powers that even she doesn’t know, but that could destroy her for good. This looks like a job for… Never Man?

A cosmic alliance to prevent the end of everything, even the concept of there being a thing to end. Find out what happens this week!

Eternity Girl #3 is 32 pages and written by author Magdalene Visaggio with art and cover by Sonny Liew. It retails for $3.99.


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Eternity Girl #3 releases May 9 2018.

Find more at DC Comics.

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