Eternals Movie Set Photo Teases Scene In Marvel’s Past

The latest set photo from Marvel's Eternals teases a scene set in the history of the MCU. Next year will see the MCU launch its next new franchise, introducing viewers to a whole host of lesser-known characters created by Jack Kirby.

The Eternals are an evolutionary offshoot of humanity, created millennia ago by an alien race known as the Celestials. They're essentially a hidden community of superhuman beings, and they've frequently been mistaken as gods by baseline humans. Next year's Eternals movie is set to span thousands of years, and it's expected to run from the Eternals' origin through to the present day.

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A new set photo has surfaced on Reddit, showing what appears to be an epic Medieval set. It's from the same batch of set photos as recent shots of Angelina Jolie's Thena, confirming that the Eternals are involved in this. Notice the fire, which appears to be a funeral pyre.

Naturally, there's no context for this set photo, but it's suggestive all the same. Eternals is set to introduce the MCU's Black Knight, a sword-and-sorcery superhero whose origin story is rooted in the Middle Ages. The first Black Knight, Sir Percy of Scandia, lived in the days of Camelot. He was recruited by the wizard Merlin to wield the Ebony Blade, an enchanted sword made from a meteorite. It could well be that, in the MCU, the Eternals actually interacted with Sir Percy of Scandia; it's possible they're even tied somehow to the MCU origin of the Ebony Blade itself.

Sir Percy of Scandia was the first Black Knight, but he wasn't the last. The Ebony Blade was passed down through Sir Percy's line, and over the centuries it acquired a potent Blood Curse. If the Eternals are tied to the Black Knight's MCU origin, then that may well explain why they interact with Kit Harington's present-day Black Knight; perhaps they feel somehow responsible for what's happened to him. That could potentially set up a scandalous romance between the Black Knight and the Eternal Sersi.

Meanwhile, the Arthurian setting could be important for another reason; because there have been recurring rumors that Marvel is also interested in setting up another Arthurian superhero. In the comics, Merlin is also responsible for the creation of Captain Britain, who's charged to protect the United Kingdom from supernatural and extradimensional threats. Avengers: Endgame even contained a reference to the Braddock family, the line of heroes who traditionally inherit the mantle of Captain Britain. If the MCU is really fleshing out its version of Camelot, then it's possible Captain Britain won't be far behind.

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Source: Aedengeo/Reddit

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