Marvel’s The Eternals Movie Reportedly Starts Filming In August

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Filming on The Eternals will reportedly begin in August in Atlanta, which is slightly earlier than previous reports indicated. Marvel Studios is close to ending Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Endgame, but they're also about to heavily move forward with their Phase 4 plans. One of the earliest entries in this new slate of films appears to be The Eternals.

Rumors of the the Jack Kirby property being adapted for the big screen began less than a year ago, but Marvel took the necessary steps toward making it a reality last summer. They hired Matthew and Ryan Firpo to write the script last May and then hired Chloé Zhao to direct in the fall. The movie does not yet have any cast members, but it already appears positioned to be one of two MCU movies that hits theaters in 2020. This was further backed up when reports of filming beginning in the UK in September surfaced near the end of last year.

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According to the latest issue of Production Weekly, Marvel has made some changes to The Eternals' production. First of all, they are reporting the filming has been bumped up a full month and will now begin on August 1st of this year. With the production schedule changing, so too has the filming location it appears. The outlet also shared the news that The Eternals will be based out of Atlanta, instead of using studio space overseas. The latter could be the result of Black Widow's production moving back to June, which is also filming overseas.

Marvel Eternals

If this is the new production schedule for The Eternals, then more information on the project could arrive sooner than previously expected. The casting breakdown for the film already revealed the full lineup of characters set to appear in the movie, and it mixes in some usual Eternals with a few surprises. But, Marvel may not wait until 2020 to actually introduce some of these characters, as there is a rumor that two cast members will make their debuts in Endgame.

At this point, any news on The Eternals is welcomed. The comic property is among some of Marvel's more unknown, so the studio has plenty of freedom when it comes to adapting them for the big screen and finding the right story. A possible synopsis claims the movie will take place millions of years ago, making it a prequel to the entire MCU. Marvel has yet to confirm any of these details though, but the wait may not be as long now that The Eternals is filming sooner than expected.

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Source: Production Weekly

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