Escape Room Ending, Minos & Sequel Tease Explained

The Secret Of Minos Escape Rooms

Before Zoey and Ben killed him, the Gamesmaster provided some details about Minos Escape Rooms, the company he works for (which callously sacrificed him). Minos' true clients are extremely wealthy patrons who like to watch the grim spectacle of unsuspecting people placed in life-or-death escape room scenarios. Minos seemingly has unlimited resources and their billionaire clients are always demanding more; previous escape room contestants have been college athletes, for instance. With the six sole survivors, the hidden rationale was to determine if pure luck allowed them to survive or whether it was something more.

Going by the Gamesmaster's explanation that mankind has always been historically attracted to human life being risked for sport (he referenced ancient Roman gladiator games), it's possible Minos has been around a long time - possibly many centuries. The name "Minos" evokes the labyrinth of Crete that housed the mythical Minotaur that the Greek hero Theseus faced - could Minos have even built that labyrinth or are they just named after the myth? It's also possible that Minos was even behind each of the accidents that befell Zoey, Jason, Ben and the rest - how else could they have such detailed files on each person?

Overall, Minos Escape Rooms seems like a preposterous conglomerate on a par with the Delos Corporation in Westworld. They seemingly spend billions on elaborate death traps which they then need teams of workers to immediately dismantle without a trace while they concoct "accidents" to dispose of the corpses left behind. This is an evil company that demands to be exposed and brought down - which is what Zoey plans to do.

How Escape Room's Ending Sets Up A Sequel

At the end of Escape Room, six months after they survived Minos, Zoey meets with a rejuvenated Ben and reveals she unlocked the secret of Minos' logo: they're actually coordinates to a building in the middle of New York City. Zoey also investigated what happened to the bodies of Jason, Amanda, Danny, and Mike and learned that Minos staged fake "accidents" to explain each of their deaths. Despite Ben's reluctance to join her in her mission of revenge, Zoey vowed to go to NYC and take on Minos.

However, the Minos corporation is more than ready for her: not only have they been watching Zoey and are aware of her plans, the unseen head of Minos has Zoey and Ben's flight information and is preparing the boobytrapped airplane they're about to fly on to become a new kind of escape room for them. Zoey and Ben don't realize they've once again been picked as contestants where their mission to expose Minos has become a new game threatening their lives, which is a bold set up for Escape Room 2.

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