Escape Room 2 Sets Full Cast, Including Teen Wolf & Pose Stars

Holland Roden As Lydia Martin For Teen Wolf

Sony has announced new cast members for the psychological thriller sequel Escape Room 2, which include Teen Wolf's Holland Roden and Pose's Indya Moore.  The first film, Escape Room, hit theaters earlier this year and was a total box office smash, raking in $155 million worldwide on a budget of only $9 million.

Based around the popular group concept of individuals getting together to play detective and pick up on clues to solve mysteries and puzzles in order to gain their freedom, the Escape Room's plot featured a random group of people who thought they were playing for a prize of $10,000, finding themselves trapped in a twisted and deadly maze of dangerous rooms. As the clues and the siege through the treacherous rooms continue, the players find themselves in a losing battle as they end up leaving members of their group behind as they move from room to room.

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Alongside Teen Wolf's Holland Roden and Pose's Indya Moore, Deadline can confirm that Escape Room 2 has also added Thomas Cocqueral from The 100 and Carlito Olivero from Step Up: High Water. It was previously confirmed that the sequel will also star Isabelle Fuhrman from Orphan and The Hunger Games, and Taylor Russell and Logan Miller from the first film are set to return. Adam Robitel, who directed the first installment, is also set to return to direct the sequel.

With the plot of Escape Room 2 under wraps, it's hard to predict where exactly things might go for the characters. The first film ended with Russell and Miller's characters coming face-to-face with the Gamesmaster, who reveals that along with the mysterious Puzzlemaker's help, this is all a big game that wealthy people place bets on to see who'll make it and who'll lose their life to the game. After the two come together to defeat the Gamesmaster, the authorities arrive, only to discover no evidence and that the building where it all took place is totally destroyed.

Six months later, the two lone survivors meet up and come to the conclusion that it's all a giant cover-up and there are clues that lead to an abandoned building in Manhattan. When they agree to make the trip there, it's revealed that the Puzzlemaker is already making moves to turn their flight there into a whole new game of depraved survival. All of these clues add up to suggest that the sequel is perhaps set to be even more twisted and deadly than the first film.

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Escape Room 2 hits theaters on August 14, 2020.

Source: Deadline

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