Escape Room 2 Moves Back to Summer 2020 Release Date

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Sony has pushed its horror movie sequel Escape Room 2 back four months to Summer 2020. Directed by Adam Robitel (Insidious: The Last Key), Escape Room follows six strangers as they navigate a series of escape rooms that, as they quickly come to realize, are designed to try and kill them. The film earned middling reviews overall and was criticized for being derivative of trend-setters like Saw and Cube before it, but also landed praise for its creative set pieces. Commercially, though, it was highly lucrative and grossed over $155 million at the box office against a lean $9 million budget.

With those kinds of returns, it's no wonder Sony green-lit an Escape Room sequel about a month after the first movie opened in theaters. Robitel and co-writer Bragi F. Schut are set to return for the next chapter, which will surely pay-off the original film's sequel tease and reveal more about the mysterious Minos company that's responsible for designing the series' high-tech escape rooms. However, fans of the first Escape Room will have to wait a little longer than previously expected for those answers.

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Exhibitor Relations is reporting that Escape Room 2 has been delayed from its previous April 17, 2020 release date to August 14. It's the only horror movie scheduled to arrive that month right now, and will square off with Disney's live-action/CGI adaptation of the children's novel The One and Only Ivan during its opening weekend. And while it probably goes without saying, there should be little overlap between the two films, seeing as they're targeting rather different age demographics.

Escape Room 2 was one of multiple upcoming Sony films to receive a new release date this week, along with movies like the long-developing Uncharted video game adaptation starring Tom Holland. It's also one of a handful of horror films that Sony has scheduled for 2020, along with The Grudge reboot from director Nicolas Pesce (Piercing) and a horror-flavored Fantasy Island movie reboot that Blumhouse is developing with director Jeff Wadlow (Truth or Dare). Noticeably, all of these movies are part of an established property - or recently-established, in Escape Room's case. That's not too surprising, either; the studio has doubled its efforts of late, when it comes to rebooting or reviving its most popular franchises for the big screen.

When it comes to Escape Room, however, there's fair reason to think its basic premise can sustain an entire franchise. The main draw of the first movie was its set pieces, which were varied and inventive enough to avoid blurring together over the course of its runtime. It also left room for the sequel to up the ante and subject its heroes (those that survived the first Escape Room, that is) to a whole new set of bizarre and terrifying puzzle room challenges. Of course, there's always a risk Escape Room 2 will be a case of diminishing returns and have the exact same problems as its predecessor, but lack its freshness too. Hopefully, that won't be the case, and Escape Room 2 will provide audiences with a fun way to round out next year's summer movie season.

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Source: Exhibitor Relations

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