Robert Rodriguez Won't Confirm Or Deny Directing Escape From New York

Escape from New York Poster Starring Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken

Robert Rodriguez won’t confirm reports he’s attached to direct the remake of Escape From New York. John Carpenter’s 1981 original is considered a classic and starred Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, a dangerous criminal sent into the futuristic prison of New York to rescue the president. The movie’s bleak, atmospheric look and synth score proved to be a big influence on the genre, inspiring everything from Cloverfield to video game franchise Metal Gear Solid.

Russell and Carpenter reunited for Escape From L.A. in 1996, but following that film’s underwhelming box office performance plans for a third entry titled Escape From Earth were scrapped. A remake of Escape From New York has been trapped in development hell for over a decade, with various directors and actors like Gerard Butler being attached over the years. Screenwriter Neil Cross wrote the most recent draft of the script, which met with John Carpenter’s approval last year.

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A report in March 2017 named Robert Rodriguez as the director of the remake, though it was never officially confirmed. During a recent Alita: Battle Angel Q&A (via Mr H Reviews) an audience member asked Rodriguez about his involvement with Escape From New York. While Rodriguez showered both Carpenter and the original movie with praise, he didn’t confirm or deny his involvement.

Well, I can’t really say. I’m a huge Escape From New York fan. I like the rumors, I’d love to do Escape From New York. That was the first film that got me interested in filmmaking.

Kurt Russell Escape from New York Snake Plissken

Rodriguez has often cited Escape From New York as the film that inspired him to become a director, and he’s paid homage to it in Grindhouse and Machete. His non-committal answer regarding the remake could mean the project is still being developed or perhaps he’s no longer attached. Or maybe he’s just been focused on finishing the VFX intensive Alita: Battle Angel, and he’ll turn his attention back to Escape once it's complete.

Neil Cross’ Escape From New York screenplay is said to change New York from a prison to shiny utopia guarded by A.I. and drones, and Snake has 11 hours to complete his mission before a huge storm hits the city. A reboot of Carpenter’s Big Trouble In Little China is also in development with Dwayne Johnson starring. It’s been confirmed the new movie will continue the story of the original, but while some fans hoped this could mean the potential return of Kurt Russell’s Jack Burton, the actor seemed to rule that out in a recent interview.

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Source: Mr H Reviews

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