Escape From New York… Again

I don’t know if horror writer/director icon John Carpenter should be flattered or upset because most of his classic cult films are being remade, some for the good (Assault on Precinct 13) and some for the bad (The Fog, Halloween). A look at his IMDB page shows a reference to a They Live remake due out in 2011 but there hasn’t been any news on that for a few months.

A couple of days ago the news dropped that his cult classic Kurt Russell horror film The Thing was getting a prequel and now we find out that his other Russell movie Escape from New York is going to be remade.

That’s right; Mister Eye Patch himself, Snake Plissken, is getting the remake treatment by New Line Cinema. They hired Wall Street re-write scribe Allan Loeb to work his re-write skills on David Kajganich's first script for Escape from New York and according to NY Mag he “nailed the humor of Plissken without slipping into camp.” Well that’s good to hear because nothing would kill this remake quicker than a campy man wearing an eye patch. It would be like a futuristic pirate movie with bad one liners.

The first movie had New York City hit hard by destruction and turned over to the worst of the worst criminals. After a plane carrying the President of the United States crashed in the crime ridden metropolis, only one man is skilled enough to break in and rescue him from the place that no one breaks out – my man Snake Plissken!

So what has the studio changed in the story? Well for one, there is far less destruction in this version to save money. NYC will still be recognizable by its buildings and surroundings but the city has been abandoned because of the radiation from a dirty bomb that was set off outside the city limits. Another thing that was changed was the gender of the person Snake is rescuing. Loeb thought this would allow for more witty banter between the two. Also, the police are no longer in control of the prison but rather a privately run corporation although they will still have their headquarters in The Statue of Liberty.

Says a source close to the project via NY Mag:

“It is not a disaster movie. It is an exposé of an ecosystem, if you put a huge wall around Manhattan and then dropped in the most effed-up, dangerous criminals on Earth.”

So what won’t change about the film? Everything having to do with Snake, that’s what! New Line signed a contract with Carpenter that stated that Plissken “must be called Snake, must wear an eye patch and must always be a bad-ass!” OK, so how cool is that? At least Carpenter made sure that one of his coolest characters ever will remain that way. No designer clothes wearing, tree hugging, drum circle playing, hemp wearing, girl friend feet rubbing, sissy man here folks. I promise you, that because of Carpenter's smart thinking, we won't see Plissken watching Sex in the City while eating a entire tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. With a name like Snake, he has to be bad-ass!

What do you think about the changes to the story for Escape from New York?

No release date for Escape from New York yet.

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Source: NY Mag, Sandwich John Films, Image courtsey of Image DB

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